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July 25 – 31, 2012

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Aries:  Your significant other may be acting like a horse's patootie right now, but you don't have to follow suit and play in the same court.  Neither of you is being served by sharp words and irritable behavior.  "Prove it if you love me" is a game left over from the cave people.  Leave it alone.

Taurus:  Your love of luxury and pleasure in finding a bargain may cause you to spend money on an item of personal dress or for your home. Think carefully if it’s a splurge.  Mercury is retrograde.  Social and romantic life is favored this week.  You may be mixing business and pleasure in a pleasant combination.

Gemini: This is an especially social week.  Love and social life blossom.  Activities related to education and short distance travels are favored.  You may be reconnecting to siblings or other family members.  It is a fine time to have a family reunion or to pursue a love affair.

Cancer:  You have cause to feel proud of an accomplishment this week.  Authority figures or others will be singing your praises.  This is a good time to request favors of those who have a certain amount of power.  The work environment is especially favorable now.

Leo:  This is a really good period to travel.  You may be given a lot of attention for an accomplishment in your career or life direction.  You have nagging concerns related to an important decision.  Don’t pressure yourself.  Let it rest until the right answer evolves.

Virgo:  Working behind the scenes or staying below the radar is your best option this week.  You may have positive experiences that come as gifts from another.  If you are in business, this might include referrals.  Dealings with children and/or a lover may bring up issues of power.

Libra:  This is a wonderful week to travel.  Any activities involving the Internet, publishing, education, or your church are also favored.  Your attitude is positive and draws interesting people toward you now.  Romance and social life augur well.

Scorpio:  Your vehicle or other means of transportation may interfere this week with your career.  Prepare ahead by considering other options if the car is disabled.  Circumstances may develop that pressure you to recognize where you stand on the Power continuum in your relationships.

Sagittarius:  You may receive positive news related to legal matters, publishing, the Internet, or education this week.  However, before you celebrate, wait until the middle of August for a final result.  Things may turn over between now and then.  Traveling is favored.

Capricorn:  Circumstances involving repayment of debt, insurance settlements, alimony, investments, or spouse’s income may be put on hold for a time this week.  It will be a challenge to make anything happen in these areas.  Give your attention to social and romantic life, which is working now.

Aquarius:  This is a good time to discuss issues within a relationship because you are steady of mind and likely to be realistic, in relation to yourself as well as others.  You intend to keep your promises.  Once the issues are settled, celebrate by doing something different or unusual.

Pisces:  You are a kind-hearted soul.  People are drawn toward your calm appearance and generous attitudes.  During this period one or more persons may tap you on the shoulder for financial help.  This is likely someone whom you have helped previously.  Take care of yourself in this situation.

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