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Obama's and Holder's DOJ Complaint Goal:  First, Eliminate the MCSO Cold-Case Posse!

Our Opinion
Sources close to the Cold Case Posse have revealed that President Obama's Department of in-Justice complaint filed against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has set a goal of eliminating the functions of the Cold-Case Posse.  If the Department of in-Justice complaint is successful against Sheriff Arpaio's office and it achieves its goal, all Posse functions will be eliminated with the exception of participating in parades.  (No, we're not kidding!)

The Cold Case Posse, under Commander Mike Zullo, at the direction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been investigating the identification papers of President Barack Hussein Obama II, since September, 2011. On March 1, 2012 at a formal press conference, it was announced that probable cause had been developed by the Cold-Case Posse that indicated that President Obama's Hawaiian, Certification of Live Birth and his Selective Service System Registration form are forgeries. It was also revealed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) records for the first week in August, 1961 were missing from microfilm records stored at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. President Obama was allegedly born August 4, 1961.

With over 60 Posses with various duties that support the efforts of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and over 3,000 men and women who volunteer their time to support Sheriff Arpaio and our community, the Obama Department of in-Justice complaint, if successful, would cut out the heart of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Posse program. The Sheriff's Office would never be the same, nor would our county.

In addition to the elimination of duties for the Cold-Case Posse, the Sun City West Posse, the Sun City Posse, Sun Lakes Posse, Surprise Posse, Air Posse, Helicopter Posse, Mountain Rescue Posse, Scottsdale Search and Rescue Posse, all Posses would be assigned only to "parade duty" at the direction of the DOJ. 

With all Posse members working at the pleasure of the Sheriff, special attention should be given to those candidates who are currently running against Sheriff Arpaio. Do they support the Department of in-Justice complaint? If they do, they are either knowingly or unknowingly supporting the effort of the DOJ to eliminate the functions of our Posses and alter the Sheriff's Office as we have known it.

It's time to take a stand with Sheriff Arpaio and help him defend the MCSO Posses and Maricopa County, Arizona from the attacks from the Obama and Holder Department of in-Justice.

It's time for the "red" nosed Obama "clowns" in D.C. to jump back into their clown mobiles, form their own "parade" and simply leave town, never to return.

Re-elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Brian and Denise Reilly
Sun City West


President Obamas rhetoric

President Obama’s rhetoric, “spread the wealth around, everyone deserves a fair shot, the rich should pay their fair share” all exemplify Obama’s ideology to force everyone to be equal. Controlling auto companies and banking, heavy taxation of certain industries to destroy them (like coal mining) and favoring other industries (like green solar), are all economic activities Obama is already doing that conforms to his ideology, which is the same as his father in Kenya. The IRS is already prepared to enforce any strict rules.

President Obama’s ideology goal is “A SOCIETY THAT PROVIDES EQUALITY AND ECONOMIC SECURITY FOR ALL” through government ownership instead of private ownership and government planning of economic activities with strict rules. Tax some people and exempt others in order to spread the wealth around and force everyone to be equal, exempting political friends and supporters.

In a democracy, we are all created equal by God and our constitution guarantees Americans the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, it cannot guarantee equal economic outcomes, only the freedom to achieve your dream under our capitalistic free market system.

Many people have stated a business in the garage or in their kitchen and some become millionaires. Many others have gotten jobs working for them. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and society.

President Obama repeatedly claims that capitalism has never worked. That is not true. Where has his ideology ever worked? It has always taken away peoples freedom and cost millions of innocent lives where ever it has been tried.

What is Obama’s ideology? It’s the same as the “hope and change” he has promised us. It is a far cry from what many foolish voters thought they were going to be getting.

James Roehrborn
Alexandria, Minnesota


Liberty is lost on a slippery slope as Durbin calls for more Obama executive actions

FAIRFAX, Va. – Americans for Limited Government (ALG) president Bill Wilson reacted to reports that allies of Barack Obama are urging him to by-pass Congress and expand his executive authority to change the law through decree.

"This trial balloon from Durbin shows the complete disdain that the left has for our nation's constitution, and the checks and balances that prevent an imperial presidency.  Obama has already destroyed the advice and consent check on his power by placing three of his choices on the National Labor Relations Board without even going through the normal process of submitting them to the Senate, and now he is being urged to create law through executive order," Wilson said.

The article in Washington, D.C. publication, Roll Call, quotes Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin as saying the White House is considering executive orders on issues that the elected members of Congress has not passed into law, including the DREAM Act.  "The president needs to consider taking action by executive order when Congress will not respond to a major national challenge," said Durbin.

The issues are thought to be important to mobilize important Democrat constituencies, including Hispanics and gays, who are deemed key to Obama's re-election.

"Our nation teeters on a precipice with our very liberty in the balance, and Durbin's call for Obama to impose his will on the people of the nation for nothing more than political gain is just one more assault on the social fabric that has protected our individual freedom," Wilson said.

Previously, ALG's Wilson has blasted several Obama executive orders and actions that he said were "lawless."

Obama pretended a congressional recess into existence to make radical appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The Obama Federal Housing Finance Administration arbitrarily allowed Fannie and Freddie mortgages that are 25 percent higher than market value to be refinanced when the law placing the GSEs in conservatorship never allowed it.

Obama's Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation to force religious-based institutions to pay for contraception against their teachings in violation of the First Amendment.

His Justice Department took on the role of a court and declared the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional when its role is to defend the law whether it agrees with it or not.
When a federal judge in Florida struck down the entirety of Obamacare as unconstitutional, the Obama Administration continued to implement regulations pursuant to the law, not waiting for the judge to stay his decision.

His EPA arbitrarily declared carbon dioxide, a gas essential to life itself, to be a "harmful pollutant" covered under the Clean Air Act.

"This is how Obama does business. If he cannot get what he wants though the legislative process, he just issues a dictate. By failing to resist this siren song to grab more power, he is re-energizing those who oppose him to redouble their efforts to defeat him at the polls, lest Schoolhouse Rock's famous 'how a bill becomes law' becomes obsolete forever," Wilson concluded.

Americans for Limited Government is dedicated to rolling back government at all levels, and is a leading national free market advocacy group.  


Of carrots and kings

I was reading a post on the blog my daughter writes about our three-year-old grandson. He had been waiting all spring for the vegetables to come up in his garden. Eagerly, perhaps over eagerly, he yanked up a green top. He showed it off to his playmate.

Just then, my friend the political scientist interrupted to tell me that President Obama had endorsed the idea of men marrying men and women marrying women. My friend, a Ph.D., went on to explain that a president can strongly influence public opinion. He cited President Nixon's trip to China. Before he went, 75 percent of Americans opposed recognizing Mainland China. Afterward, 75 percent favored doing so.

My learned friend said something similar could happen with what Mr. Obama calls "marriage equality." President Obama shares my friend's exalted view of the powers of the Presidency. Recall in 2008, he told us when he clinched his party's nomination that we will look back and say "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal."

I was skeptical then. And now. If he has such vast powers over the seas, it ought to be small potatoes to get the unemployment rate under eight percent. That number still rises. And the oceans of red ink are rising, too.

I remember the story of King Canute of England. He, too, was surrounded by lackeys and lickspittles who felt a thrill go up and down their legs whenever His Highness spoke. "Think I can keep the oceans from rising, do you," the King asked his fawning hangers-on. He commanded them to take his royal throne to the seashore. Then, he commanded the tide not to rise. They all pressed in to see. When the tide came in, this royal press corps got all wet. And wise old Canute enjoyed a hearty laugh.

Neither kings nor presidents can contravene the Laws of Nature or of Nature's God. King Canute understood this. President Obama may yet learn this. The President says he has "evolved" to see the case for what he terms "marriage equality." If the rest of Mankind had evolved to a similar embrace of same-sex couplings, evolution would have ended as abruptly as the Age of Dinosaurs. If this is what "marriage equality" means, then we will achieve this liberal goal the day Zero equals One.

Back in his garden, my grandson tells his little friend that the Daddy Carrot came together with the Mommy Carrot and made a Baby Carrot. He already knows the Law of Nature and of Nature's God. Bright lad. Let us pray that President Obama learns them, too, before we all get wet.

Robert Morrison
Senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council


A better Wisconsin

Wisconsin voters made a critical decision for the future prosperity of the state.

Their decision to reject the government union-led effort to recall Governor Scott Walker provides some crucial insights for the rest of our nation.

Americans for Prosperity educated Wisconsin residents about Governor Walker's budget reforms!

First, elected leaders can take on and defeat the most powerful special interest group in the nation, government unions, if their reforms are truly bold.  Facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit, Walker tackled some of the most powerful government unions and saved over a $1 billion for Wisconsin taxpayers. And the result?

Property taxes have decreased for the first time in 12 years, unemployment is falling, and school districts are flush with cash.

Remember when they said the sky would fall? Thanks to Governor Walker’s reforms, it’s sunnier than ever.

Despite the temper tantrums led by government unions, the truth is they are an entitled class with far bigger pensions, better health care, and far more job security than those who work in the private sector.  By requiring public employees to make a small contribution towards their generous taxpayer-subsidized health care and pensions ­ just like in the private sector ­ millions of taxpayer dollars have been saved in every corner of the state.

Wisconsinites made it clear they agree with Governor Walker and in order to stop the state from going bankrupt, it’s about time everyone chips in.

The real winners are the citizens of Wisconsin. I'll never forget checking out of my hotel in Racine as we headed to our final pro-reform event.  The lady behind the front desk grabbed my arm and said, "I'm sorry I can't make the rally today but I've got to work a double shift from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  But just know I'm glad you guys are standing up for working people like me."

From Hudson to Green Bay, from New Berlin to La Cross, Americans for Prosperity's grassroots activists, tea party members, local small business owners, and senior citizens took our message of support for Governor Walker's reforms to citizens from every walk of life.

Americans for Prosperity launched our Wisconsin chapter in 2005. Since then, we’ve worked steadily to support policies that lift up everyone in the state. Those efforts are made successful by our amazing staff and volunteers across Wisconsin and the nation, who banded together and stood up for economic freedom.

Together, we’ve helped restore prosperity to the Badger State. Now, on to the rest of America.


Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity


The escalating battle

The escalating battle between the Obama regime and the Catholic Church over the mandate to provide birth control devices is simple to clarify.

The position of the Catholic Church is that birth control is not allowed under Church doctrine and is a sin.  Therefore, to be forced to provide insurance covering any and all means of birth control is an intrusion on Church doctrine and a violation of the religious liberty guaranteed under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our "Constitution Scholar"-in-Chief should take the time to read and attempt to understand this document between his multiple vacations and rounds of golf.

There is no argument being made by the Catholic Church that all means of birth control be made illegal/outlawed and removed from the marketplace. Anyone making that assertion is a liar, pure and simple.

The mandate is, without a doubt, a blatant attempt of the current administration to place themselves between the members of a church, church doctrine and the church itself.  It is a war on Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular in an effort to control the electorate by controlling religion.

For those who disagree and say nonsense, look to history for confirmation, i.e. Russia, China, Cuba and even Mexico as well as many other countries.

Only a fool would think it can't happen here.

When this godless, soulless administration took the time to point out that there are Catholics who use birth control, they injected themselves in the personal place between church member, their church, their beliefs along with their direct relationship with God. Yet another example of a place this government should never had gone.

If you are dull enough not to grasp the significance of this battle and how inhumane we have become , then try to get you mind around this; The United States the "bastion" of freedom has put to death by abortion, 54 million (and counting) innocent unborn infants.
How morally bankrupt is that?

Biden, Pelosi and Sebelius are the top three Catholic stooges in the Obama administration who are actively promoting and orchestrating this undeclared war on religious liberty and the Catholic Church.  They misquote church doctrine in an attempt to mislead church members to act against their faith.  You may choose to ask that God forgive these three Judases as it is increasingly obvious that they are clueless and possibly "know not what they do".

Do you actually think liberalism is "the caring" form of government?

Do you really know right from wrong?

If not, God Rest Your Soul.

Tom Carbone


Someone must take the blame

Revelations that the White House released classified information to some in the media is grounds for investigation and ultimately prosecution as they did to Scooter Libby. The President does not deny the leaks, Obama only dismisses that it was not done for political reasons.  It matters not that Obama claims that the White House would never “purposely” pass on classified secrets. Someone must be held accountable.  Obama himself disclosed enough info, boasting about his "brilliant" plan, that the Pakistanis put the doctor who helped us find Bin Ladin in jail for 30+ years!


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


An additional billion dollars from Arizonans without any hope

Those in and around Arizona politics know I am a steadfast believer in maintaining a strong pro-business climate that promotes job growth and long-term economic development. While I believe low tax rates and limited government regulation are essential components to such a system, having a high quality education system that embeds competition and accountability is also critical for Arizona’s future and quality of life. This is why I am disappointed in the decision by certain business groups, who portend to be leaders in advocating for long-term economic growth, when they sign on carte blanche to a never-ending tax that offers absolutely no accountability.  

Under the so-called “Quality Education and Jobs” initiative, the amount of money given to employees of an “F” school will be the exactly the same as those of an “A” school. Moreover, this proposal will have no provisions to bar dollars going for administrative costs – meaning even those bureaucrats who have no interaction with students also will have access to these new sales tax dollars. According to two former State School Superintendents (Lisa Keegan and Jaime Molera), “Arizonans should expect such an effort to result in genuine, documentable achievement gains for all students….We look for proven key ingredients such as…teaching versus administration, performance bonuses for excellence and consequences at every level for failure.” This initiative will require an addition billion dollars from Arizonans without any hope that needed reforms such as these get implemented.  

At a time when the global economy is teetering, job growth forecasts are stagnant and mounting pressure on the national debt is starting to alarm many economists, it is bizarre that Arizona would even consider (let alone have business organizations support) permanent and large scale tax increases.  If this tax increase were to pass, Arizona would have one of the highest sales tax rates (9.5 percent averaged) in the United States.  It seems to me that responsible business leaders would want to weigh very carefully the need for new taxes particularly when there is no clear notion of how these new tax dollars will get used.

Unlike the federal government, and states like California, where the budget situation is out of control, we have made difficult decisions, and made responsible choices to get our fiscal house in order. And even though we still face a daunting revenue challenge for at least the next two years (mainly because of the implementation of Obamacare which will require the state budget to add hundreds of millions of dollars to cover the new federal requirements), we still understand the value of targeting monies to K-12.  

This past legislative session, the State of Arizona added an additional $40 million dollars per year specifically to K-3 reading programs. Unlike the initiative, this plan is specific to a critical area and provides incentives for schools that are excelling. Moreover, it does not write a blank check to underperforming (“D and F”) schools. There is a requirement that such schools use these new dollars based on proven methods of instruction and curriculum. Even in tight fiscal times the Arizona Legislature and Governor realize investing in public education is needed, however we must do it in a manner that balances effective policy without burdening Arizona taxpayers.

Arizona voters are very deliberate: I am confident that as the facts become more known about the shortcomings of this initiative and risks of raising taxes when we are just starting to emerge from a long recession, Arizonans will vote this down and work for real reforms and accountability that our students and parents deserve.

Steve Pierce, R-1
Arizona Senate President


Give a fish or teach to fish: Neither is enough

You may have heard the saying that “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” It’s a nice saying but, unfortunately, there is one more required element. A man must be free to fish. If the government puts up obstacles to fishing, usually in the form of taxation and regulation, especially occupational licensing, then the man may still be poor even though he knows how to fish.

There are many starving people in places like Zimbabwe and North Korea and Cuba where people know how to fish (i.e., practice a profession) but are prevented from doing so. Under Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress the U.S. is also headed in this direction.

Roy Miller