VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 24   | JUNE 13 – 19, 2012

JUNE 13, 2012

Judges declare Arizona law is not law

Legal heresy takes over Arizona
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SCOTTSDALE – Throw out the law books. The law is no longer the law. The Lawyer’s union commonly known as the State Bar of Arizona is changing law in Arizona. The State Bar is the state’s most powerful union because it rules on the validity of its own motions.

In the past, leadership of the state’s judiciary has been guided by members who have distinguished themselves by writing pedantic legal doctrine that have been declared intellectually exceptional by their peers. Other members of the judicial leadership have in past years distinguished themselves through government service, and exemplary statesmanship. The new leadership of the judiciary is based upon blood purity, university brand, and politics.

The legal heresy practiced in civil courts today allows superior court judges to modify and interpret Arizona Revised Statutes at their own discretion. Judicial discretion seems to be unlimited.  New legal heresy declares the state legislature has no relevancy; it is theatre to give the citizens of Arizona the illusion of democracy.  The Arizona Rules of Evidence are not impartially enforced; the doctrine of stare decisis is a tool to be used for steering verdicts to the favored; procedural law upstages substantive law as a judge sees fit. New legal heresy also states the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure are meant as obstacles to prevent non-lawyers from using the courts.

Until the Arizona state legislature creates and passes a Lawyer Licensing Act, and a Certificate of Annual Judicial Renewal Act administered by the state legislature, Arizona’s state legislature will be subsumed by the state’s Judiciary. 

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