JUNE 13, 2012

Scottsdale residents invited to invest in new, AAA-rated, tax-exempt bonds

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For a limited time, Scottsdale residents have an opportunity to invest in new, AAA-rated, tax-exempt, "Preservation Investment Bonds" before they are released to institutional investors. It is anticipated that these bonds will begin their exclusive retail period June 11. To learn more or purchase the bonds, contact one of these underwriters:

J.P.Morgan: 866-720-4201
Morgan Stanley: 800-869-3326
Edward Jones: 800-EDJONES
Stone & Youngberg: 866-677-5992
Wedbush Securities: 480-778-8594

In 2004, the city issued general obligation bonds for the capital investment and preserve land acquisition programs authorized by voters. With borrowing rates at historic lows, the city will save almost $10 million by issuing new bonds and using the proceeds to redeem the higher-interest 2004 bonds. The city continues to earn the coveted AAA rating from all major bond rating agencies and is offering these investments directly to citizens for the first time. Learn more at www.ScottsdaleAz.gov/preservebonds.

JUNE 13, 2012

ASBA Shapes Public Policy for Arizona Small Businesses

Priority Bills Passed at State Legislative Session
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asba logoPHOENIX – The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA), the largest trade association in Arizona representing over 11,000 member businesses, has ramped up its public policy focus over the past few years at the state and federal level to advocate for businesses throughout Arizona. After surveying its members, ASBA determined the following five areas as its 2012 Legislative Priorities: 1) Taxation, 2) Regulation, 3) Economic Development, 4) Health Care and 5) Education.

“We are committed to stronger representation and increased advocacy for small businesses at the state and federal level to make Arizona more business friendly,” states ASBA CEO Rick Murray. “And because of our size, ASBA has the clout to shape public policy.”

This year, ASBA had 13 priority bills, six of which were passed and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer. Among them:

HB 2123 “Transaction Privilege Tax Reform Committee”
Establishes a 13-member Committee to study, make recommendations and propose legislation to revise Arizona’s tax code to reflect the 21st Century economy. This includes both individual and corporate income tax, as well as transaction privilege tax, or sales tax.

HB2159 “Unemployment Insurance; Independent Contractors; Appeals”
Clarifies language on unemployment insurance and essentially increases the amount of time an employer has to file various appeals on unemployment insurance claims.

HB2272 “Public Records Exemption, Research Data”
The exemption from public records laws for certain state university records is expanded to include information or intellectual property that is developed by persons employed by a university. This will protect the private sector’s intellectual property and encourage more research and clinical studies conducted in Arizona.

“Public policy is a priority of ASBA,” says Jerry Bustamante, senior vice president of public policy for ASBA. “We had a very productive legislative session this year with many wins that Arizona businesses are going to benefit from.” Bustamante adds that, while ASBA advocates for businesses at the state and federal level, it also works with local chambers of commerce throughout Arizona on legislative issues and encourages them to take the lead and be the voice of business in their communities and city hall.

ASBA has a Public Policy Committee of dedicated volunteer members and staff that are charged with conducting research, surveying the membership, developing its legislative priorities, tracking bills and taking action to influence the passage or defeat of bills. In addition, Murray and Bustamante are Lobbyists and the organization maintains a Lobbyist dedicated to attending each day of the legislative session. For more information on ASBA’s role in public policy and its 2012 legislative priorities, visit asba.com/legislativesummary.

Learn more about ASBA at www.asba.com or call 602.306.4000 or 520.327.0222.

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) is the largest trade association in the state representing 11,000+ member businesses, and over ½ million employees in all 15 counties. ASBA members enjoy access to significant group discounts, countless opportunities to do business with each other, a wide array of insurance products, and active advocacy efforts on public policy issues to protect their businesses.