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It is far past the time you woke up!

Eligibility Poll ended; participation was amazing!
TPATH – As Obama continues his destruction of the American economy and his unrelenting assault on Capitalism, more an more of his past is being discovered.

Bill O'Reilly, are you paying attention? While you were correct, Obama was and still remains inexperienced, he is far from the incompetent fool you and your buddies in the GOP establishment profess him to be.  That description falls very neatly on your collective heads.
What this man has done to America was no accident.  It is and will continue to be intentional.

With Socialist father(s), Obama senior and Soetoro, a leftist mother and communist grandparents, mentors such as Communist Frank Marshal Davis and having been put through college by Bill Ayers' mother and father, both committed communists, is it possible Obama has grown up loving this country, our Constitution and economic system?  Is it even remotely possible he is a Capitalist?

With a past such as this, Obama could not pass the lowest level of security clearance. Yet, because of the failure of the media and the GOP to properly vet this enemy of our country, there he sits. Shame on all of you.

During his first three and a half years usurping the Presidency, he has had our White House engulfed in a continuous parade of Marxists, socialists and communists.  They have been busy and diligent in their methodical destruction of private wealth.  This is not incompetence, it is traitorous.

This excerpt from Gateway Pundit: Barack Obama headlined a Democrat Socialists of America town hall meeting in Chicago in 1996. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a democratic socialist and social-democratic organization in the United States formed in 1982 by leftist groups and former members of socialist and communist parties of the Old Left.


Sheriff Joe's posse: ‘Hawaii duped Arizona’

Letter on Obama eligibility 'doesn’t verify anything of significance'
“Hawaii duped Arizona” in its response to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s request to verify Barack Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election, charges the lead investigator of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse.

“We have developed incontrovertible proof that the verification provided by the Hawaii Department of Health to Arizona’s secretary of state on May 22 really doesn’t verify anything of significance,” said Mike Zullo, who is in Hawaii to follow up on his team’s initial findings concerning Obama’s birth record.

Tuesday’s letter, he said, fails to identify or list President Obama’s date of birth, even though the letter’s apparent purpose was for the Hawaii Department of Health to verify Obama was born in Hawaii.

To the right of the registrar’s stamp on the letter appear the initials “gk,” suggesting that Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Alvin Onaka did not apply the registrar’s stamp himself.

“I suspect these defects are not accidental,” Zullo said. “My suspicion is that top officials in the Hawaii DOH and the Hawaii Attorney General’s office created a defective document that could be disclaimed rather that take the time to produce a thoroughly proofread and officially certified legally binding state document.”


Brian and Denise Reilly
Arizona Citizens


"Birther" is an "N" word

"Birther," used by the media with impunity, is a derogatory slur, the equivalent of the "N" word used for another group to cast them as sub human.

You apply this new "N" word to a huge group of politically active Americans who've raised legitimate questions on a legitimate topic.

These Americans remember Sen. McCain was grilled by a Senate committee over the same issue -- eligibility. The man currently in the White House, for reasons that remain unclear to this day, avoided such reasonable scrutiny. These people ask, "Why?"

These citizens noticed that when Obama refused – flat-out refused – to release relevant documents you let him slide. These people noticed that when papers finally emerged, after unconscionable delays, irregularities were so great even amateur sleuths could spot them. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office found remarkable inconsistencies that point to deliberate fraud.

To demean and ridicule such socially conscious, politically active Americans with their own "N" word violates journalism's codes of ethics (AP, NY Times, SPJ) that require you not only to be unbiased, but to avoid even an appearance of bias. Inflammatory use of this offensive denigrating smear and "birther bashing" announces your prejudice loudly.

Alan Korwin, Publisher
Bloomfield Press


Cuts to food served at our elementary schools

I am ashamed of the CCUSD Child Nutrition department.  At a time when the schools are struggling to provide paper and other supplies, the CN department is still paying two employees that were suspended in September and resigned in November.  One was the director of CN and the other was the base kitchen manager at the high school.  Since their suspension an interim director was hired, so the position that is paid the highest in the department is being paid out twice.  Not to mention that an hourly employee was paid through February for work not performed since September. 

I guess to make up for this shortfall the new director made cuts to the food that is served at our elementary schools.   For example, hot dogs served at LMES are cut in half , length wise, and served with half the hot dog on a bun.  (This was done by the new director of the department.)  At HTES they serve “cheese crisps” on half of a 6” tortilla.  Each meal is to come with a trip to the salad bar, however, the quality and quantity of the items on the salad bar is sad.  Fresh fruit or vegetables are rare, replaced by cold noodles mixed in only mayonnaise.   However plenty of snacks are being sold, with a hefty price tag.  Umm is that the way we want to send our students back to class, with little or junk food in their systems?  Other cuts?  How about not allowing schools to order cups for water, even though it’s a state law that each cafeteria must provide water to students?

I am withholding my name since I have children at one of the above mentioned schools, and don’t want them to be singled out by the cafeteria staff.  I have friends at the other school mentioned.  I also heard from others that their children will not buy lunch and are scared of the “lunch ladies” at several of the elementary schools.  I find the whole situation sad; lunch time should be a healthy fun social time for our young children.  Apparently the administration praises these “cost cuts” since the new director was named Employee of the Month for May.  Shame on all of you.

Name withheld by request


China’s expansionist policies

The U.S. Defense Department believes China will soon have anti-ship missiles with a range of 1000 miles, B-6 bombers armed with long range cruise missiles, aircraft carriers, 75 surface navy ships, 60 submarines and missile boats.  These forces will enable China to project its influence in the Asia Pacific region.

China has claimed territorial sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, including areas near the Philippines and Japan, and Chinese ships have violated waters in close proximity to a number of Asian countries.  This has prompted the U.S., South Korea, Australia and India to implement security agreements, and Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines have sought to foster closer ties to the U.S., India and Japan.

In the face of China’s expansionist policies the U.S. should encourage Pacific allies, especially Japan, South Korea and India, to build up their military forces.  We should rethink the proposed cuts in our military, especially the cuts to our Navy.  We are down to 285 ships and might eventually have less than the 11 carrier battle groups needed to patrol the world’s oceans.  China can concentrate its forces in its region, while we have to deploy our forces around the globe.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Greece should leave the Euro for its own sake

FARFAX, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson issued the following statement on the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone:

"Running a deficit in excess of 9 percent of GDP, Greece is upside down and will only be able to return to sustainability if it exits the Eurozone. They never have followed the Eurozone's budget rules, and they never will. The political class there has always used the temporarily cheap financing the currency provided as a subsidy for its own excesses.

"The only other way to accommodate Greece and other nations' profligacy in Europe would be for the European Central Bank to monetize and refinance their debts for perpetuity, no matter how large they got. This would transfer wealth from Germany to southern Europe, and transfer inflation from south to north. It would be the end of fiscal sovereignty for all of Europe's powers, but particularly for the greater ones, which would be forced accommodate the waste of their neighbors.

"That likely will not happen. For Greece's own sake, switching back to the drachma and leaving the Euro is the only way out – even if it throws Europe into momentary turmoil. In the end there likely will be no escaping cutting spending, but at least it can be on Greece's own terms, in its own currency, and with the liberty of her people intact."

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Vaccines, cancer, autism and infertility

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” (Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research). Also the (now deceased) head of vaccines at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, admitted that all of Merck’s vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses, and Hepatitis B vaccines, with a virus that caused the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. Garth Nicolson, a cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, having edited over 14 books, is saying that vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma producing chronic degenerative diseases. All the vaccines mandated to children and the seasonal flu vaccines, are contaminated with polysorbate 80, which damages human fertility. A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research in London, revealed that many young macaque monkeys given the recommended vaccination Schedule, developed autism symptoms. Their unvaccinated counterparts, developed no such symptoms.

Another Conspiracy theory coming true?

Lisa Justiniano
Madrid, Spain


Forms of marriage

At a very crowded pro-family demonstration which took place in Madrid, one of the placards read, “Pedro y Antonio, no son matrimonio” [Pedro and Antonio make no married couple], but those who support the gender ideology insist on calling two same-sex persons, whether two men or two women, a married couple. They defend that marriage is a merely social convention, much like a varnish somehow covering sexual relationships between opposite-sex people.

In reality, marriage has been defended throughout history as the origin of life and a guarantee of human survival over the generations. But there is still another significant aspect concerning children’s education. A well-constituted family is the natural environment where children develop their own personality, acquire key habits for living with others, and feel loved for what they are (sons and daughters, brothers and sisters), rather than for what they do or for what they have.

The gender ideology stumbles upon the evidence that men and women are biologically different. A boy is different from a girl. The differences that appear from birth and become stressed in puberty and adolescence have been scientifically studied by differential psychology. A further transcendental fact should be added – while married couples made up of a man and a woman usually bear children, two gays or two lesbians can never have offspring. Let’s remember that, in the animal world, the result of a mare and a donkey is a young mule. Well then, male and female mules are sterile and so unable to produce young.

Male and female sexuality is not optional; it is determined by biology. Neglecting this fact inevitably leads to serious legal, moral and psychological conflict, also involving children adopted by same-sex people.

How has this ideology emerged? The first feminism arose in the French Revolution, seeking equal rights for men and women. But the next claim was equality of male and female roles. Maternity, marriage and family have come to be rejected. In 1949, Simone de Beauvoir encouraged women to free themselves from the restrictions associated with their nature and recommended the transfer of children’s education to society, lesbian relationships, and the practice of abortion.

It is not the first time that evidence has been neglected, and there have always been Quixotes calling windmills giants, and inns castles.

Arturo Ramo
Independent Forum of Opinion


Myth, misery and Solyndra

barack obamaThis ass attacks Romney for destroying jobs in the private sector while in his entire life Obama has created nothing - except myth, misery and Solyndra.


Despite his war on religion, we remain “One Nation, Under God.”

Tom Carbone