VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 22   | MAY 30 – JUNE 5, 2012

accidentBY LINDA BENTLEY | MAY 30, 2012

Black Mountain makes for poor runaway bike ramp

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When Antonino and Sharyn Romano headed down the steep driveway from their home at the end of Surrey Drive on a three-wheel motorcycle on May 24, Antonino, who was driving, discovered he had no brakes.

accident 2In an attempt to stop the bike, Antonino headed the bike off road into the desert.
Somewhere along the way, Antonino’s leg became caught between the foot peg and the rough terrain, resulting in him being transported by ambulance to the hospital with a compound fracture to his right leg. Sharyn, who was protected by the roll bars, received only minor injuries. The Romanos may want to consider replacing their license plate frame which reads, upside down, “Roll me over if you can read this.”

Photos by Linda Bentley

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