VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 15   |  APRIL 11 – 17, 2012


American Academy for Constitutional Education

“Protecting Freedom – Defending Our Foundation”
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protecting freedomReligious liberties are the foundation of this country, yet those very freedoms are being disregarded and, at times, outright assaulted. As citizens, we must get involved and become informed in order to counter these efforts.

Plan now to attend this dynamic, interactive, and moving presentation as Shane Krauser discusses what makes this country great, the fortitude of the men who sought to protect inalienable liberties, and the awe-inspiring documents written to support our God-given rights. More than this, Shane will discuss our obligation to freedom, the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Constitution, and why our reliance on the “divine Creator” is essential to restoring America. Prepare your heart, mind and soul! This will be a riveting event.

This event is free. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, business associates and fellow church members. RSVP to Cathy at 480-595-0883 or cia@stgacc.org.

For more information visit www.aafce.com.

About Shane Krauser
Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, an adjunct professor of constitutional law, and a practicing trial attorney in the Phoenix area. Shane has spoken all over the State of Arizona at various venues on a number of constitutional issues. He brings a wealth of knowledge to any forum and that knowledge will inspire you. His experiences will captivate you.

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