VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 13   |   APRIL 1, 2012

APRIL 1, 2012

Mysterious metal ball lands in lot near Cave Creek

metal ballMARICOPA COUNTY – A giant metallic ball, similar to those reported having fallen in Namibia, southern Africa, Australia, and Latin America in the past twenty years, was witnessed falling at high speed into a vacant lot in unincorporated Maricopa County near Cave Creek recently.

Area resident I. M. Spacie stated, “I spied a large, glowing object in the sky as I sat near my doublewide sipping tea. Suddenly there was a loud report, much like a sonic boom, and the object slammed into the desert about 100 yards from me, causing a lot of dust to fly up. Believe you me, I was plenty scared and my cat, Queenie, made a beeline for under the trailer. I know she was plenty scared too because she only runs under there if there is lightening nearby or else a male bobcat is lurking.”

Mr. Spacie continued, “I immediately went to see what it was and found what appears to be a large metallic ball with a diameter of about 14 inches. It was still glowing red at the time so I let it sit a spell to cool down. Fearing it might be radioactive, I went inside and got my Geiger counter I use for prospecting ores. Turned out not radioactive. Anyways I plan to turn the object over for scientific analysis to some laboratory. I contacted NASA but they weren’t interested so anybody can drop by Sunday and have a look and maybe they can tell me what is going on.”

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