VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 8   | FEBRUARY 22 – 28, 2012

FEBRUARY 22, 2012

Take action on several important Arizona bills that deserve your attention

Several important bills are making their way through the Legislature right now. We need you to take action today to make sure our Legislators listen to the taxpayers – not to the spending lobbies and the government employee unions.

Arizona needs Truth in Spending!

Senate Bill 1275, the Truth in Spending reform bill, would require a special vote if the Legislature wants to increase state spending at a rate that is faster than the rate of growth of state population plus inflation, and would increase budget transparency by requiring the Legislature to give the public two weeks' notice before holding a public hearing on the budget.

We must rein in the power of government employee unions! Four important bills would put a leash on Arizona's powerful government-worker unions:

SB 1484 – Paycheck Protection for Government Employees – Prohibits government employers from taking money from employee's paychecks for union activities without express annual authorization.

SB 1485 – Prohibition on Government Collective Bargaining – Prohibits government employers from engaging in collective bargaining (including "meet and confer") with government unions.

SB 1486 – Prohibition on Government Union Release Time – Prohibits government employers from paying employees to do union activities on the taxpayer dime.

SB 1487 – Prohibition on Withholding of Dues for Government Unions – Prohibits government employers from withholding any portion of public employee wages to pay for labor organization dues.

And here's a bonus ...

HB 2826 – Moving Municipal Elections to November of Even Years – Would promote higher turnout and greater input by taxpayers, curb the dominance of spending interests in local politics, and save municipalities money by consolidating elections with the general cycle.

These important pro-taxpayer bills will be heading soon to floor votes. Please help us rein in government spending and put a leash on Arizona's powerful government unions by sending an email to your state Legislators in support of these bills.

To learn more about AFP-Arizona's 2012 Legislative Agenda, click here or go to www.aztaxpayers.org and click on the agenda link at top right.

For Liberty,
Tom Jenney, Arizona Director, Americans for Prosperity