Guest Editorial


To the Peoples of the Euro Zone and the European Union

bernard williamsWhen the Wolfson Economic Prize was first presented, £250,000 (Roughly $400,000) To The Person Who Comes Up With The Best Plan For One Or More Countries To Leave The Euro, I thought that I would give it a try since I needed $450,000 to complete a clarification of what we humans actually know project that I was working on. A proper or precise clarification will generate a universal distribution of the type of intellectual awareness that was demonstrated by The Sumerians, who invented the wheel and properly organized the division of labor; Kepler; Newton; Bohr; Maxwell; Plank; Ohm; Coulomb; Curie; Edison; Bell; Ford; Einstein; Hubble; Goddard; Von Braun; Sagan; just to name an extremely small number of the pivotal ones.   

Anyway....I analyzed the problem and found that the current economics toolbox has plenty of procedures to string together to organize this, which means that the word “Best” is where the pieces are located that explain the details for the decision to produce such a tool; and is the place that provides the proof/evidence required to know the right form for the answer.   
As it turns out....the word “Best” means lack of separation/control over the block of European Union Members who use the Euro.   

That is....modern/evolved monetary systems or economies, have built in proven techniques for quickly controlling the volume component of currency – paper and coin Dollar Bills, Pound Notes, Etc.     Thereby....should a mountain spontaneously start to spew, or should a storm wreak havoc, or should a plan fail or become unfinished, economies can reduce/control the number of people and things that become irrational and fall apart.    The Euro does not have a full measure of this essential capability because of the different places and feels that give us shape and reason; the word for this constraint is sovereignty.

The requested tool’s focus, the word “Best”, is used in place of the number of words required to express the angst/snag of having separate/sovereign economic monetary controls -- those of the non-member nations and others -- nullified by the up and down fortunes of the Euro.

The word “Best” implies, actually....blames, the claimed over extension of the budgets of the treaty members who use the Euro, on the improper use of the value that came to be applied to the Euro; instead of on the collapse of the cash flow generating portion of the credit economy where the blame belongs. Everyone was willing and did prosper by Euro activity before that specific happening.   

It can be said and must be said, that the reduced essential ability to adjust only happens to the Euro because every treaty member did not participate.  It must also be said that this reduced ability should have developed a heightened sense of watchfulness within the consciousness of Euro protectors to be diligent about knowing the true state of the instruments of value that were part of the creation of ALL value. must be said that the minimum number of the globally designated special ones who are/were responsible for detecting and sounding the alarm for such things, did not materialize even among those who consider themselves to have been/to be the sanctified blameless for the universally debilitating effects of the hour/moment of decision for Euro Zone budgets.   

Since it can be proven....that the use of Euros would be measured as correct, and possibly even exquisite, by the specific valuation steps that must be used to create the requested tool, the requested tool cannot /will not achieve its fuzzily implied intent to be good for the European Union. Correct....possibly even exquisite....means properly placed, timely, and matched to the Universal ordering of ALL must do(s). That is....the Euro is more than just bookkeeping -- which is the most that the requested tool can be -- it is a first order of precedence idea/the-flow-of-must-do that created bookkeeping, and thereby, presides over bookkeeping.   

In other words....cultures and groups of cultures who have achieved enough to become Stratospheric and Space Men & Women will become confused, and stuck in a downward spiral of vulnerability, if the understandings/feel/faith that produced a Stratospheric and Space Men & Women’s Class of “Can Do” decomposes into the outputs that the requested tool would generate.  
Thereby....the requested tool’s output, even though it will use accepted reliable steps/algorithms for building cost-effective procedures, and official statements of microeconomic and macroeconomic rearrangement justifications, cannot achieve its intent -- less dependent connectivity and the repositioning of the center of European Economic Thought --  because European Life can no longer take that path.   

So....the proper mathematical form for the answer to the requested tool must be the following structure:

That is....the requested fractional output, whose unit structure is the blue text, must be inverted to a whole in order for its output to be capable of producing its fuzzily implied intent to be good for the European Union. In order to stay within the accepted/audited system of procedures, the inverting factor, whose unit structure is the red text to represent the blood that seeps from effort, is composed of the other left out components of the whole that shape value in agreements and gold transfers. Subscripts can represent difference, number of iterations/duplications, order of application, etc.   

The instructive form of the requested instructions must become the following:

The Answer

To the Peoples of the Euro Zone and the European Union, comprehending is the only thing that can end instability and uncertainty.    Calm yourselves and pay attention.   

You Must Grasp....that it means that “Life” is Really Good and being properly kept for you, when you do not know which opinions and claims pinpoint the idea to comprehend and you are alive the next day.  The Universe is still quite intense.   

You Must Grasp....that in spite of the mind disfiguring volume of “It is this” and “It is that”; the full potential of the Euro has gone to YOU, and by way of YOU, The European Union, and the World.    If YOU truly comprehend what “Life” is and where “Life” is, YOU can easily see that the first order of business for the keepers of YOUR abilities and “Can Do”, is always trying to reach the center of the Universe for the Geometry of money.    The point where “Because I said so” materializes and actually allows them  to write “The” check that allows them  to meet everyone’s needs; and once and for all, prove that they are not what is holding up the distribution of undivided.    The frenzy, instability, and worry YOU feel is because the mind disfiguring volume of “It is this” and “It is that” talks about the mostly incomprehensible now mechanisms of money, instead of the fact that YOU are only experiencing another time when the keepers of YOUR abilities and “Can Do” thought they had reached the center of the Universe for the Geometry of money.

You Must Grasp....that the world, which currently only knows certain ways to protect itself, will out of natural and proper necessity devolve YOU....if YOU....the citizens that everything has been for, do not pitch in and prove that you will stand for yourselves.    That is....that YOU understand what “Life” is and what it still faces no matter who you are and what you think should be.    YOU must, with some manners for other’s people’s belief in YOUR dreams and “Can Do”, demonstrate that YOU know what YOU have achieved and what YOU have not achieved.    Believe it or not, the achievement of YOUR dreams is the only way their loans/investments in YOU could grow.   

You Must Grasp....that we have become people who do not recognize the true state of “Life”.    We are still a “Life Form” that must never forget/lose track of the fact that we will always be vulnerable and things will popup, until each one of us holds the perception that what we know is not all we must know.    This perception activates the will to face the fact that each individual may be called upon to do even more should a mountain spontaneously start to spew, or should a storm wreak havoc, or should a plan fail or become unfinished.   
You Must Grasp....that there are probably some people already sewing YOU mammoth skin clothes from the secret underground mammoth skin storage facility, that is kept for those situations where devolving someone is the only way to defend everyone else. J    But that is not the worst of it....there are no color choices, no Italian Elegance, no French Silkiness, no Spanish Splendor, no color and texture for the Greek knowledge of “Love”, and on and on and on.    So....if YOU look this over several times, YOU will begin to comprehend your part in giving YOUR nation the hand it currently needs to begin the assembly of a new rapidly moving expansion, that may even be powerful enough to make visible the “Because I said so” center of the Universe for the Geometry of money.   

One Last Thing….I intentionally put it here as part of the process of emphasizing the importance of grasping and using the most important comprehensions for what is before you. Do not let the existence of some corruption take the stage.  Corruption can only piggyback onto what YOU do not comprehend and what YOU do not execute.  It exists as a side effect of Sequence.  It happens because of the Sequentially assembled structure of the Universe’s volume of simultaneously available objects and their simultaneous actions.    That is….everything cannot be watched every moment.  By the way….this comprehension does not eliminate YOUR right to apply brass knuckle class legal procedures where they apply.   

I Hope the New Year Brings YOU Comprehension that is Mostly the Enjoyable Stuff….
Happy New Year!