VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 52   |  DECEMBER 28, 2011 – JANUARY 3, 2012

DECEMBER 29, 2011

Deadline approaches for Centennial Legacy Project designation

PHOENIX – With only 53 days until the Grand Canyon State celebrates its centennial, Secretary of State Ken Bennett and the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC) are urging Arizonans commemorate the state's 100th birthday by developing "Legacy Projects."
An Arizona Centennial Legacy Project portrays a significant aspect of Arizona history and enhances learning with new content from accurate and original research.

"With less than three months until statehood day, time is running out to apply for a centennial legacy project designation," said Secretary Bennett.  "Identifying collaborative, community-wide legacy projects demonstrate the vitality and diversity of Arizona and spurs interest to explore our great state."

All groups are welcome to develop Legacy Projects. Projects may include restoration of historical properties, publication of books, public art and exhibits in commemoration of the centennial. For additional information, citizens should visit www.azcentennial.gov for a Legacy Project application. The deadline for submission is the same day as the state celebrates its centennial, February 14, 2012.

With over 150 projects approved, Secretary Bennett also encouraged Arizonans to review the complete list of projects to find out if they can support the efforts of preexisting legacy projects. Many coordinators are looking for assistance, volunteers and funds to complete their projects on time.

Secretary Bennett said, "If people are hesitant to develop a project from scratch but still want to get involved, they can take a look at the initiatives already underway and contact their local coordinators to see if they could use the help.  It's a great way to be a part of the state's centennial festivities."

Since 2008, AHAC and the Centennial Commission have worked together to plan the Centennial and Legacy Projects. In 2006, the legislature encouraged each Arizona city, town, county and Indian tribe in the state to appoint a centennial committee.