VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 47  |  NOVEMBER 22 – 29, 2011

NOVEMBER 22, 2011

Luminaria Run race director Meribeth Reeves returns

The 9th Annual Luminaria Run is proud to announce it is back under the management of founder and previous long-time race director, Meribeth Reeves. Two new organizations will also benefit from the event, Desert Foothills Theater and DFT Gecko Teatro (Ms. Reeves is managing director of both organizations) and Hayley’s BMT Buddies at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (Hayley is a participant in DFT’s Gecko Teatro Youth Theater).

Kiwanis Key Club that managed the event last year, felt it was a little too much for the teen-managed organization to oversee. They will continue to support the event by providing volunteers (as they have since its inception).

“Several people have asked me why I gave the race away,” said Reeves. “The truth is that Desert Foothills Theater has grown dramatically … no pun intended … over the past few years and my time was extremely limited. But the good news is that growth has brought increased support and volunteers to the organization and I am so excited that DFT now has the volunteer support to take the race under its wing.”

“I am also thrilled to be able to support Hayley’s BMT Buddies at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The Bone Marrow Transplant is a last chance for those who go through it. They are required to live in isolation for several weeks after the transplant and that can be such a trying time for families. We are excited to provide funds to help these families through this time. Hayley (who has appeared in several of our youth theater productions) is a benefactor of this program and thanks to these services she continues to participate in our shows today!

The Cave Creek Luminaria Run began in 2003 and quickly became a runner favorite, drawing participants from throughout the U.S. and Arizona. The uniqueness of the evening race lit by luminaria, the beauty of Cave Creek and the home-town feel provided by the run’s longtime sponsors is something runners love – leading it to be chosen as a “best pick” from Runner’s World Magazine (December 2005).

Traditionally, the race draws over 1200 runners and walkers to the Center of Cave Creek. The race also draws many local families who now have made it an annual family tradition to either run in the race or volunteer on a luminaria crew or at race registration.

This year a new location at the Memorial Fair Grounds in Cave Creek will provide a quiet desert-street run complete with city light views and very low vehicular traffic. This location was chosen to provide a safer, more quiet event for the runners.

To volunteer, register or find sponsorship information visit www.luminariarun.org. Printed brochures and registration forms are available online, at the FCF-Holland Community Center and area restaurants. Online registration is also available through Active.com. For questions call Desert Foothills Theater at 480-488-1981.

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