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Republicans should tell Biden to cut
welfare to cut crime

By now you’ve no doubt heard Vice President Biden’s ridiculous claim that murders and rapes will increase if Republicans don’t pass his boss’ jobs bill. At the same time, you haven’t heard Republicans say that crime will increase if Democrats don’t cut welfare.

You haven’t heard the Republicans say this because they don’t have the courage or sense to fight fire with fire, or, more accurately, to fight nonsense with facts.

A half-century ago, Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan established a causal link between welfare and out-of-wedlock births and single-parent families. Since then, social scientists and criminologists have established a causal link between unmarried mothers and crime and other social pathologies. To wit: Keep reading ...


Call my mother greedy and I’ll knock your wooly head

Now itís personal. Now theyíve crossed the line. Now theyíve insulted my mom, a defenseless 90-year-old who lives in a dementia nursing home.

Donít mess with the moms of Italian men.

Who is messing with her? The woolly-headed snivelers who claim that one percent of Americans own 99 percent of the wealth, or some such nonsense. They no doubt would lump my Mom into their expansive definition of greed and privilege, because she has a net worth that is about eight times larger than the average net worth in the country and that probably approaches infinity compared to the net worth of the snivelers. In their wooly thinking, itís not possible to acquire money without taking it from the disadvantaged.
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