CCUSD or Burdick’s Bobbles

We have successfully moved to our new quarters and except for dozens of yet unpacked boxes we are operational, with more elbow room and windows with the vista of Black Mountain.

A person named Kelly found fault with Sonoran News' treatment of the Cave Creek Unified School District, which is demanding we use CCUSD with a circled R to indicate they have registered the acronym as a trademark. Of course if you visit it leads to California’s Culver City Unified School District, which has used that acronym since 1949.

canfield editorial cartoon
Here is an “attorney’s” letter, allegedly hired by unknown people, a real hoot:
The stationary is titled “Dewey, Cheatum and Howell, P.C., Attorneys at Law.” Their address is One Central Avenue Plaza in Phoenix with a phone number of 601-666-1234.

The, letter delivered by hand, was titled RE; Use of CCUSD ®

“My client, who wishes to remain anonymous because your newspaper might publish the person’s name, has retained our services to request that in the future Sonoran News at all times include the trademark designation when using CCUSD ® in an article about Cave Creek Unified School District 93.

“It is critical to my client that they feel snooty and self-important and that CCUSD® not be confused with Culver City Unified School District of nearby Culver City, California that until now has identified its district as CCUSD. (However, as soon as our firm notifies them of Trademark infringement, I am sure they will abandon using CCUSD rather than face legal action at CCUSD® taxpayers’ expense.)

“Yours truly,

“Thurston B. Howell III”

That was a most clever hoax, with lots of truth mixed in. The fact is, CCUSD is attempting to register CCUSD and what money do they have that isn’t public money? And why? The hoaxer put it that they are snooty and full of themselves and that is true. Rather than use their registration mark Sonoran News will use an apt nickname like “Burdick’s Rip Off,” or the “Five Blind Mice.’ Send me your ideas.

To Linda,
Regarding your article on the mentioned override, I have to take issue with your argument(s). 

First of all, the underlying issue here is a bond override for the CCUSD school(s).  Why can't this be the focus of your piece? (Cost vs. benefits, can Cave Creek afford it, etc)?

Instead, you cite every other tangential reason under the sun for us to hate the CCUSD and a PAC supporting the override.  You're not related to President Obama, are you?

Second, it is very apparent to me, and everyone else who has kids, that your publication is run by... (Insert adjective for older people here)...  none of whom have any flesh in the game for kids' education.  Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't interview anyone from the AARP in your piece. 

Instead, you reference a "CCUSD parent" in an anonymous letter as evidence and support of your position.  Really???  That's your proof?

Then, you reference the CCUSD's declining AIMS scores in the past year or two.  Hmm...If I recall, it was elderly folks like you who got the last bond override defeated.  And, now you reference the lower AIMS scores as a reason not to pass this bond override??  Come on!
Why don't you just be honest...the Sonoran News & it's reporters are comprised of...and represent...the (very) old guard in Cave Creek, are a dying breed and are out of touch with reality. 

No hard feelings, but I'm sick of older people with no kids in the CCUSD trying to dictate those of us who do, as evidence in the previous bond override election which got shot down.


Just a few observations Kelly. You mean a budget override, not a bond override. I am delighted you came half way out in the open. Those who are school supporters attack anonymously and viciously, illegally send tortuous letters to businesses and teach kids to steal and destroy Sonoran News. And we are supposed to praise these vandals? They are teaching your kids how to lie, cheat and steal like they do, but that is OK as is picking the pockets of working people who have greater risk than those thriving on our tax dollars.

I, and other employees of Sonoran News may not have flesh in the game but if we own property, and we all do, we sure have skin in the game. Not only that but all of us “of age” have contributed huge sums after our own children have long since graduated.

Your letter is rife with assaults on “old people.” Most of us that have a few years behind us have also learned and are worth listening to, but you are all wrapped up as if you are the only parent on the planet.

Why is it that parents, not all parents, thank God, accept the hands held out by school officials asking for more and still more, while private firms have to cut back to survive?

Overrides are, after all, used for costs beyond those approved by the state and should be labeled, “only for elite schools.”

And never forget public schools are controlled by unions, including the Arizona Education Association. Show me a union and I will show you a corrupt enterprise.

Notice the LearnYes signs on every street corner? Want to guess how they are paid for? The sponsors of the LearnYes PAC are the builders, architects and service organizations that stand to profit from school work at the expense of taxpayers.

And last, is it OK for a corrupt senator like Nancy Barto to write an unconstitutional bill at the request of two members of the school board? There are so many ramifications to this illicit attempt to illegally spend taxpayers' money you will hear about if for years and somebody should do time for their attempt.