VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 37   |  SEPTEMBER 14 – 20, 2011


Spur Cross Road signs demolished

sign damageCAVE CREEK – Sometime during the night of Sept. 6 or the wee hours of Sept. 7, someone careened into the “Stop” and other cautionary signs at the intersection of Spur Cross and Grapevine roads.

However, according to Town Marshal Adam Stein, no accident report was received regarding the incident.

Stein said, “It is not uncommon for drunk drivers to strike our medians and fail to report the accident for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, if we have no witnesses and no one reports hearing a crash ... the culprits are rarely caught.”

He said the town averages 10 to 12 incidents per year where medians and/or traffic control signs are struck without anyone reporting the accidents.

“This particular incident at Spur Cross and Grapevine, cost the town approximately $800-$1,000 in labor and materials,” said Stein, pointing out the incident occurred after hours and required an immediate dispatch of a public works employee to place a portable sign at the intersection until a new sign could be installed.

Stein asked residents to call 911 if they ever witness a accident and said, if they do witness or come across an accident, it is helpful to report if there any injuries and the number of vehicles involved, as well as a description of all the vehicles, including the make and color.

“We would rather receive more than one 911 call, verses no 911 call,” said Stein. “Never assume someone else called 911 – better safe than sorry.”

Stein said he received numerous e-mails regarding the destroyed signs in this incident and appreciated concerned citizens notifying the town of the damage.

Photo by Shari Jo Sorchych