VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 28   |   JULY 20 – 26, 2011


Spur Cross business owners plead for access

jimmy sheehanCAVE CREEK – Monday night’s Call to the Public brought both Jimmy and Valerie Sheehan to the podium, where they pleaded with council to address the closure of Spur Cross Road, which essentially has blocked access to their businesses located at Spur Cross Station.

Jimmy Sheehan (r) previously pointed out the abrupt closure of Spur Cross Road along with the closure of a section of Cave Creek Road southbound toward Rancho Mañana Boulevard, before any construction activity began, presented a safety hazard.

On Monday, he said a three-car collision at Cave Creek Road and Rancho Mañana Boulevard, unfortunately, proved him right.

His wife Valerie told council Spur Cross Road was closed on July 5. She said, “You couldn’t go north and you couldn’t go south,” adding, “We’ve gone two weeks … We were told today by the Utilities Manager Jessica Marlow it would be closed for six more weeks.”

Pleading with council to at least allow access on weekends when no construction work was taking place, she stated, “We weren’t even notified this was going to happen.”

Mayor Vincent Francia advised the Sheehans council was precluded by law from responding and asked Town Engineer Wayne Anderson to follow up on the matter.

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