Guest Editorial


Stop Obama's Left Wing Amnesty Scheme

Stand with BAN Amnesty Now

When it comes to issues like amnesty and border security, there are no gray areas – there are only right and wrong.

And President Obama and his pro-Amnesty establishment in Washington are working very hard to take America in the wrong direction.

Tragically, more than 9,000 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. That’s three times as many as were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But this tragedy keeps happening, year after year!

And how has Barack Obama responded?

He has sent too few National Guardsmen to the US Border – and then ordered them specifically NOT to interfere with illegal aliens crossing into the U.S.A.!  Their only duty is to report what they see to Border Patrol.

Gun-runners? Narco-terrorists? Human traffickers?

No matter. All the Guardsmen are allowed to do is REPORT what they see to Border Patrol.
And for this, Mr. Obama’s Secretary of Homeland (IN)Security calls America’s border “more secure than at any time in memory.”

I’d say this was a colossal joke on the American people – but the stakes are just too high.
This isn’t a joke at all. It’s a national tragedy.

And the cost being paid is American lives.

The way we can bring change to this terrible situation is to inform more Americans about the true situation on our borders – and how it affects them in every state in our great nation.

And believe me, there is not a state, or a community, that hasn’t been impacted.

Drugs. Guns. Violence.

And more than 9,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens each year.

Despite more than 12-to-23 million illegals remaining in the United States, Barack Obama has slowed down deportations and implemented a “catch and release” policy.  Even when illegal aliens are caught breaking additional laws, unless they’re caught committing a violent crime such as rape or murder, the illegal alien is likely to be set loose, back out on the streets.

This makes it more important than ever for BAN AMNESTY NOW and our conservative coalition to do the job the liberal media won’t do.

Which is why we need your help!

The Obama “political mafia” is gearing up to once again try to pass the so-called DREAM Act in Congress…

The media are continuing their attacks on BAN AMNESTY NOW and our allies…

And the pro-Amnesty Left never stop their scheming, looking for ways to enact amnesty for illegal aliens criminally residing in the United States.

There is a good reason why Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s toughest Sheriff, calls BAN AMNESTY NOW “America’s toughest anti-illegal immigration organization, and our best hope for stopping the Obama Amnesty scheme in its tracks!”

That reason is YOU!

Because of your support – and the support of thousands of Americans like you – “ we are educating and uniting Americans from coast to coast against these Amnesty Schemes!
TWICE we have stopped the DREAM Act from passing in Congress!

And together we stood up to LA RAZA and the Obama political mafia and warned Americans about the threat of illegals voting in the 2010 national elections – mobilizing hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans to ask to volunteer as poll watchers to stop illegals from voting.

We need your support to continue these efforts – and remember, all our success to date was because of the support of great Americans like you!

So please, help us continue our work – and help us make America stronger as we oppose Amnesty from coast to coast, state to state, city to city, across our great nation!

Sean McCaffrey, President/CEO of, is a veteran of campaigns and politics with nearly two decades of experience at the federal, state and local level.  He currently provides communications, direct mail and fundraising consulting services for conservative congressional and statewide candidates for public office.