APRIL 21, 2011

Phoenix Parks and Recreation Seeking Additional Non-Profits for Shuttered Facilities

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is continuing the search for area nonprofit organizations to operate and maintain city facilities that have been closed due to budget reductions. This latest phase of the process opens the first week of May and covers RFPs to operate and maintain the following facilities: Telephone Pioneer Park; Thunderbirds Teen Center; and the South Mountain Environmental Education Center.

Interested organizations will be able to download the first of the RFP materials on the city website at http://phoenix.gov/rfp the first week of May. Until the RFP process officially opens, organizations with questions can call 602-534-1504 or request information by sending an e-mail to ann.wheat@phoenix.gov.

Overall, the Parks and Recreation Department is seeking organizations that share the department’s mission -- “Building healthy communities through parks, programs, and partnerships” -- understand each facility’s intended use and demonstrate the capacity to provide services at a level and focus similar to those the city offered prior to budget reductions. By issuing RFPs, the departments is insuring a competitive, fair and streamlined process that can be adapted to the unique requirements for each facility and the community it serves.