APRIL 20, 2011

Scottsdale residents and business owners requests MCSO suppression sweeps in downtown Scottsdale

What: Downtown residents and property owners fed up with lack of law enforcement in Scottsdale are signing fellow resident, business owner and posse member Bill Crawford’s petition asking Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for "Crime Suppression Sweeps" in downtown Scottsdale.

Why: After years of frustration resulting from city officials and the Scottsdale Police Department's failure to address issues resulting from the explosion of the bar and entertainment industry in Scottsdale; Crawford asks Sheriff Arpaio to provide law enforcement to protect the public safety.

Crawford, who ran unsuccessful for Mayor of Scottsdale, has protested against the rising impact of what he says is "criminal conduct of bar patrons and operators including consumption of alcohol in automobiles parked in residential areas, vandalism, property break-ins, littering, daytime DUI offenders on weekends and "a lack of political will" to enforce Scottsdale's new noise ordnance and illegal immigration laws.

"We need Crime Suppression Sweeps, and we need them now." The residents and non-entertainment businesses need to send a message: Don't turn Downtown Scottsdale into Bourbon Street."  "Public safety and the quality of life in downtown Scottsdale has been significantly degraded while city officials have ignored residents and business owners repeated requests to address the problems. Our citizens have become victims.

In an effort to show support, Crawford has printed signature petitions for residents to sign asking for MCSO Crime Suppression Sweeps. "When I deliver the signed petitions to the Sheriff; he will know the will and frustration of the citizens is broad based." 

Crawford said that MSCO Crime Suppression Sweeps have been used effectively in many Maricopa County communities to protect public safety when law enforcement was lacking.