VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 13   |   MARCH 30 – APRIL 5, 2011


PM 10 strikes again


PHOENIX – Last week new information came to light regarding the far-reaching impact and staggering expense of the notorious PM 10 dust law.

trail ridersComplaint driven local ordinances don’t work well and a similarly designed law of this magnitude is fraught with the potential for disaster.

Although not yet released after a public records request made late in the week by Sonoran News, a complaint has been filed regarding dust from the trail system the town of Cave Creek and so many volunteers have worked so hard to create for the enjoyment of equestrians, hikers and bicyclers.

Shock waves hit the town when the recommendations of the PM 10 Report based on the initial assessment were released. The findings indicate paving is the best option to alleviate the dust problem on the trails.

The immediate response was to file an appeal for reconsideration of the assessment with a plea to the person conducting the appeal assessment to come to Cave Creek to see the trails.

If the appeal fails the compliance order will be issued and paving will be scheduled as soon as the town has funding available.