MARCH 25, 2011

Valley Of The Sun YMCA Strong Kids And Families Campaign continues to raise funds, awareness

Campaign reaches 33 percent of $3.2 million goal

valley of the sun ymca logoPHOENIX – Valley of the Sun YMCA has reached 33 percent of the 2011 goal to raise $3.2 million through the annual Strong Kids and Families Campaign which serves communities and residents throughout Greater Arizona. The annual fundraiser ends April 30, 2011. 

The Valley of the Sun YMCA is dedicated to positively impacting our local communities through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Donors who Support the Strong Kids and Families Campaign, enable the Y to continue to transform the lives of our most vulnerable children and families.

Each dollar contributed to the YMCA Strong Kids and Families Campaign goes directly to making YMCA programs and membership available in 17 branch locations. This valuable support makes it possible for the Valley of the Sun YMCA to keep its promise … ’No one is turned away due to a lack of ability to pay’.

“In past years the Strong Kids and Families Campaign has been one of the top 10 fundraising campaigns directly benefiting communities throughout Greater Arizona. 

Because of our fiscal disciplines and the generosity of our donors, we are able to keep the Y’s doors open to everyone in need of a healthy environment, and in need of one or more of our numerous and diverse programs. We served more than 300,000 children, teens & adults last year.” said George Scobas, CEO/President of the Valley Y.

Sammie is a young man who personifies the variety of programs the Y offers under their Social Responsibility Pillar. A couple of years ago, Sammie found himself in the Durango jail system for a second time.  He was offered an Evening Reporting Class at the Y or more jail time.  Sammie took advantage of the Y’s offer and found himself surrounded by mentors. 

He continued through many Y programs, while finishing high school, and now he attends Glendale Community College.  Sammie says, “The Y showed me another way to live.  They were always there for me, even to provide bus tokens when I needed a ride to work.  They have guided my future by ensuring the classes I take will transfer to ASU and my whole life is brighter because of the YMCA.” No one in Sammie’s life had ever been to college, yet today, his mother and two older brothers are also in college. The Y values are contagious and they continue to produce productive citizens.

The Valley of the Sun YMCA is currently accepting donations to the Strong Kids and Families Campaign. For more information please visit