VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 6   | FEBRUARY 9 – 15, 2011


Cave Creek reviews other municipalities’ utility policies

CAVE CREEK – In less than 15 minutes, not only did council whiz through the second readings of the Utilities chapter of the town code and the Subdivision Ordinance, the amended consent agenda included approval to cancel the Feb. 22 regular town council meeting.

Utilities Manager Jessica Marlow addressed Councilman Ralph Mozilo’s request from the first reading of the Utilities chapter for an analysis as to how much it costs to turn water on and off and said $25 covers the town’s cost.

She also addressed Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch’s concerns over charging the monthly base fee for part-time residents for the period they’re gone.

However, in researching how other municipalities deal with part-time residents and water utilities, she found it to be all over the map.

She said Carefree has a minimum nine-month shut off in order to not be charged, whereas Scottsdale allows a six-month minimum.

Goodyear doesn’t allow water to be shut off if the home is occupied any time during the year.

Mozilo said he agreed with the monthly meter charge of $50.

He also asked Marlow if utility employees could carry some sort of ID, identifying them as such, stating it was a safety issue.

Bunch said he still didn’t like the monthly meter charge for part-time residents and didn’t think it was fair, but said he would support the ordinance as is.

The only concern raised about the Subdivision Ordinance was ensuring the provision requiring two points of access was still in the ordinance.

Planning Director Ian Cordwell said the ordinance requires subdivisions with eight lots or more to have two points of access.

Bunch, whose motion to approve carried unanimously, noted the ordinance was simplified and said “simpler is always better.”

Mozilo commended staff for the fine job it did on revising the ordinance and the meeting was adjourned.