VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 5   | FEBRUARY 2 – 8, 2011

FEBRUARY 2, 2011

A message from our Senate President, Russell Pearce …

Fax Congress and help me secure the border

sen. russell pearceFellow Americans,
The legislation I sponsored in Arizona, SB 1070, is still under scrutiny. Sued in court by Barack Obama, the government of Mexico and the ACLU – three leading advocates for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States – I am doing everything in my power to stop their lawsuits!

I am also doing everything in my power to stop Obama’s amnesty schemes before they can overrun our nation and tear down what little law-and-order remains on America’s southern border. Click on this link: FAX CONGRESS & HELP ME SECURE THE BORDER!

Today, more than half of our great nation’s states are considering legislation similar to SB-1070. The reason why is simple: if Barack Obama and the federal government won’t secure our nation, our communities and our schools … WE WILL!

The federal government has become a Fantasy Land. The worse our economy gets, the more in debt our government gets, the more money it borrows, taxes and spends!

The same logic applies to the federal government response to illegal immigration and border security. The worse a problem gets, the less seriously Obama and his cronies actually take it.

More than 9,100 Americans are killed each year by illegal aliens – homicides, drunk driving, accidents and otherwise – and Barack Obama’s response was to send a few hundred National Guardsmen to the border, but NOT allow them to stop illegals they witness crossing into the U.S.!

We have a big job to do. We must defend SB-1070 in the courts, which is why I am working to keep public opinion strong across the nation, and have traveled to the recent court hearings in liberal San Francisco to remind our courts that real American lives are at stake with the decisions they are making.

And we have an even bigger job to do helping other states pass their own versions of SB-1070, so that we as Americans can all start doing the job Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder won’t do: enforce the laws to protect America and American families. Please join me today by visiting banamnestynow.com/contribute and help our efforts with a contribution of $50 to support our efforts to pass SB-1070 in all 50 States! But whether you can afford $15 or $150, whatever you can contribute will help us make a great difference!
Thank you for your continued support ... and God bless America!

Your friend,
russell pearce signature
Sen. Russell Pearce
Sponsor, SB-1070

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