VOL. 16 ISSUE NO. 50   | DECEMBER 15 – 21, 2010

DECEMBER 15, 2010

Blaine’s hat comes home

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Hey, pay attention as this could happen to you; when you reach my age you don't have to worry about it.

blaine keithMerry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I lost my old Marine hat that I promised to give to my Grandson Matthew. I thought it was gone for good as my memory is not as good as it once was. I was just sure I left it down at Harold's Corral after our Kiwanis Meeting. Every one knew that hat around this area. I even had my friend run an ad in the Kiwanis News, The Club President made an announcement at the Christmas Dinner. Still no hat. Then a friend at the largest newspaper in this area called me and said, "I heard you lost your hat, how about me running a story about that hat?" That was in this week’s paper [Dec. 8]. One day after he ran the article another friend came to the door and said, “I hear you are looking for this old hat.” It seems I'm from the old school and when I go in someone's home I take my hat off. Seems I did take my hat from Harold's Corral and stopped en route home to check on an old friend. When I went in I put the hat on a chair. My friend was afraid his pup would tear it up so he put the hat up and we both forgot about it. When I got home Martha said, “Where is your hat?” Well I was sure I left it at Harold's. It pays to advertise in a paper with a large circulation that most people like to read. Now, next week he will write another story about the hat. One good thing about Don is, don't try to pull any crap or he will nail you. You sure don't want to be on his GOBs list.

Your old friend,

[Blaine Keith]

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