Creeker Richard Florez new CSHS Head Wrestling Coach

His goal: “To build Cactus Shadows wrestling to be a recognized program statewide”

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wrestling coach richard florez and sonCreeker Richard Florez, 44, CSHS new head wrestling coach, pictured with his freshman son, Alex, 15, who was 2009-2010 Middle School State Champion (125 lb. class). 
Photo by Pete Mohr

CSHS – Glendale native Richard Florez, 44, was recently named new head wrestling coach by Principal Steve Bebee and Athletic Director Rick Swearingen. He succeeds the retired Merle Nelson.

Principal Bebee: “Wrestling is a tough sport – and Coach Florez knows it. He’s been wrestling since 5th grade. With his experience, Rick (Swearingen) and I believe he’ll be successful in rebuilding Cactus Shadows’ wrestling program.  Coach Florez recognizes that won’t happen overnight; but we’re going to support him every way we can.” (One suggestion from this sportswriter: for the program’s visibility, schedule more home meets, starting next season.)

Creekers Coach Florez and his wife, Georgette, parent three children: Chantelle, 16, a CSHS junior and likely tennis player; Alex, 15, a freshman Falcon, who last season won an Arizona Junior High State Championship wrestling in the 125 lb. class; and Dominick, 12, a Horseshoe Trails 6th grader and Cave Creek Youth Football player. Coach Florez is regularly employed as a physical therapist at Strength Training, Inc. (in Phoenix).

Coach, your long-term goal for Cactus Shadows wrestling is more than commendable. But I would encourage you that your first mission should be closer to home: that is, recruiting to your program Cactus Shadows young men who are willing to pay the physical and mental price to become varsity wrestlers. As you well know, those “numbers” have been declining in recent years.

Sonoran News wishes you and your assistants all the best.