Meet the Football Falcon seniors
… Tyler Coiro

Last Friday night, the Apollo Hawks abruptly ended the Football Falcons’ season, leaving two of the 22 seniors still to be profiled: Tyler Coiro (below) and Ashton Keown (next issue). Every senior deserved their individual profile; and I thank Messrs. Coiro and Keown for their willingness to be interviewed “after-the-fact,” if you will. And thanks to each senior for their time and cooperation.  I enjoyed getting to know you a little better – and sharing some good laughs produced by your candor! I trust these profiles will find their way into someone’s scrapbook. Thanks also to my colleague, Rachel Karls-Gomes, for her creative layout – and for making sure we “ran” the correct photo!  Congratulations, seniors, on a winning season, to which each of you contributed.    Pete Mohr

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tyler coiroAt 73, I opine that it’s positive, indeed, to be 18 and have a pretty good bead on who you are. Nearing the end of my interview for Tyler Coiro’s (pronounced “Cor-i-o”) profile, I asked, “What else would you like me to know about Tyler Coiro?” Without hesitating, he replied, “I’m outgoing, dependable, trustworthy, compassionate and I love animals!” Animals, as in “Cooper,” his family’s eight-year old Yorkshire Terrier.

Self-assured Tyler was born June 20, 1992 in Phoenix. He is the younger child of Creekers David and Vicki Coiro. His sister, Taylor [CSHS ‘09], 19, is a freshman at NAU. This past summer, the Coiros moved to Glendale, providing family support for Vicki’s mother.

To the above self- descriptive adjectives should be added “passionate.” Listen to Tyler’s reaction to the Falcons’ loss at Apollo last Friday evening:  “It tore me up inside! I didn’t want our season to end. I may not play football again.”

Grown to 5’8”, 195 lbs., Tyler has lined up at defensive tackle all four of his CSHS football years. What has being a Football Falcon meant to him? “A chance to show pride in my school … and to give support for my teammates.”

And what has playing football done for Tyler Coiro? “It’s built my self-confidence, helped me to become more outgoing. Most of all, I’ve learned a lot about perseverance – that you don’t quit.”

His favorite football memories? “Our 10-0 regular season last fall – and the 2006 State Championship, which motivated me to play at Cactus Shadows.” His hobbies? “Fishing and hangin’ out with my friends.”  After graduation next May, Tyler plans to attend PVCC, his professional goal being to become a personal trainer.

He rates himself a “solid” student, with Science being his favorite subject – under his admired teacher, Ms. Jo Ruesga. 

Pleased to get to know you, Tyler Coiro. Don’t lose your positive take on who you are. It will serve you well.