Meet the Football Falcon seniors Eric Mattson

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eric mattsonEric Mattson will reach legal adulthood come January 19, 2011. He was born in Bristol, Connecticut and came to The Valley when he was eight, entering CCUSD as a DAMS 8th grader. His mother, Sharon Mattson, lives in Rio Verde; his father, Paul Mattson, in Phoenix. Eric’s family includes six brothers (two “full” and four “half”) and one half-sister.

Why have I started Eric Mattson’s senior profile focused upon his 17+ years? Because this young man lives independently in a guest house with his close friend and Creeker classmate Tyler Kirchoff. Hmmm … could I have lived independently at age 17? Are you kidding me?! Eric, I hope you can tell I’m beyond impressed – and “retro” envious!

Mattson played football as a Falcon freshman (LB, RB) and sophomore (DE, RB). Work commitments (he’s currently a busser at Cody’s) were his “position” junior year, returning to football for this, his senior season, as a DE.

Why did he come back? “I love football! Being a Football Falcon means being a part of something bigger … the team … than myself.

Lovin’ to play football: that’s the reason we’re all here, I guess.” He continued, “Football keeps me occupied – and in shape. And playing what I love makes me feel good.”

Eric describes himself as an “average” student. “I’m probably best at math,” he self-evaluates. “Ms. (Diane) Kohl has been huge for me! She’s the best!”

Upon graduation next May, what will he miss most? “Football and my friends,” his immediate answer.

Admiring half-brother Joshua Bramblett, 28, an EMT in the trauma care unit at Phoenix County Hospital, Eric is considering Santa Barbara City College’s nursing program – or becoming a United States Marine. “I like the family aspect of the Marines. They are close-knit – and tough!”

Whatever direction he may choose, I believe this independent young man has already gained the self-confidence to be successful. Good luck, Eric – from a long-ago “Momma’s Boy”!