AUGUST 25, 2010

“Cactus Shadows Falcon Pride Marching Band”

bandDrum majors flanking Gary Wykoff.
Photo by Pete Mohr

And the above title, readers, as I recently learned from CSHS Music Director Gary Wykoff is the correct name for his Falcons, who’ll make their 2010 debut at halftime, Friday evening, Sept. 3, hopefully with the Football Falcons on their way to defeating the visiting (Vail) Cienega Bobcats. Director Wykoff has good reason to smile, with his musicians growing from 72 to 81. I well remember when they numbered less than 30.

Congratulations, Gary. The Band will be led by talented drum majors senior Elyse Gifford (r) and junior Maya Neville (l). This season’s halftime theme will be “Reflections,” with musical selections depicting sound, light and form. “Reflections” will be their presentation at U of A’s “Band Day,” NAU’s marching band competition and the State Marching Band Festivals (at several venues statewide). From those Festivals, the “Falcon Priders” hope to advance to the Marching Band State Championships. Good luck, Band – and thanks for being such an entertaining part of “Friday Night Lights,” Cactus Shadows style.  -Pete Mohr