Don Sorchych My ViewJULY 28, 2010

• Carter is a DID?

• Vote for Ray Barnes

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It seems every time I ponder about what My View will be the Arizona Republic (AR) stimulates the column. As you know, the AR likes to prognosticate about elections and their choices, as often as not, are losers.

Given their choice of losers, it is no surprise they chose the “soft spoken lioness” or is it cougar, Nancy Barto for the Senate, and Heather Carter for the House.

Their choices couldn’t have been worse, but fit their liberal ideas about what a legislator should be.

Let’s take the easy one first. Carter is not simply a Republican in Name Only (RINO), she is actually a Democrat trying to sneak into LD 7, a Republican voting district. Conservatives call a candidate like her a “DID,” Democrat in Disguise.

An uncontested Democrat in LD 7 mentioned that he noticed the “carpet bombing” of campaign signs bearing Carter’s name all over the LD 7 area. The signs can’t be missed; they are everywhere.

There is a well placed rumor she received a $20,000 donation from AEA, the union named Arizona Education Association.

You should know, and be cautious about, candidates spending huge sums when financial statements as late as June 30 show funds below that which such things as plethoras of signs would deny.

Candidates are required to provide May 31 financial statements by June 30. There is a pre-primary report that requires input by Aug. 12 and primary election day is Aug. 24. The point is that from June 1 to Aug. 12 gives two months and 12 days of silence to candidates. Since early voting starts at the end of July early voters could miss vital information about their choices if they don’t wait for the Aug. 12 report, which we will print.

Since Carter is the darling of AEA, she is no conservative Republican. She is not even a conservative Democrat. She is a liberal. Because she attended Kiwanis as a candidate, with CCUSD Superintendent Debbi Burdick, she is also no friend of taxpayers. Carter is aproponent of Prop. 100, the 18 percent sales tax increase.

It is instructive to read the Sonoran Alliance, blog which reports on happenings in LD 7. You will find enmity about Carter and also support. The support is usually from fellow school teachers. It is a conflict of interest for her to become a legislator. Will she ever vote no on school matters? Yes she will, if she thinks funding for schools will be reduced, which it should be.

Here are links to Sonoran Alliance issues:

If you bother to access these sites, a principle concern is there is a strategy on the part of Democrats to be Trojan horses for positive school votes. They have outed several and are seeking more.

Carter’s history of positions indicates she is one of the Democrats, never mind she has had a Republican voter’s identity card. My answer to this fracas is to vote for Kristen Burroughs and David Smith. These two are real conservatives and there is no doubt.

Now the self-described lioness, Nancy Barto, the one-woman wrecking crew.

We have reported extensively about Barto and need to retire this dangerous woman.

Her fundraising is indicative of to whom she owes favors. I don’t believe that is always the case, but she is transparently easy to manipulate.

In the recent case of going to bat for CCUSD, I talked to others in the house and senate which told the CCUSD emissaries to take a hike. Not Barto. She pimped to write a bill that would extract the promise made to voters that if they voted on a bond for a specific purpose it would be open to other use if the bond was nine years old, exactly the situation in CCUSD.

So, if you voted to build a new high school in the year 2000, the school can now spend the funds as they like. One wonders if Barto thought about the bond holders that could lose their tax free status. Did her friends in CCUSD tell her they were cautioned by bond attorneys to not execute the bonds in the first place? Did they tell her they were in violation of IRS rules governing such bonds?

Did she know? Did she care?

Sounds like a legislator who is careless, stupid or simply easy to manipulate. In any case she is dangerous to the state, to voters and citizens in general.

Then  there is HB 2154 where she decided people living on private roads should lose the benefit of whatever documentation they had about their rights of easements. Her bill would have made everyone on a private road subject to maintenance costs demanded of them by neighbors, whether they wanted the maintenance or not.

She appeared with a neighbor to argue for HB 2154 and if it had passed it would have cost me about $75,000 even though I didn’t need or want the so-called maintenance. But millions of others would have had the same fate if she had been successful. If you live on a private road, tell your neighbors and have them vote for anyone but her.

Then there is her fundraising and I pointed out that she is owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield and other health related individuals and groups. We have a letter from an ophthalmologist who claimed Barto’s broadening of the scope of opticians substantially broadened patient risk.

I heard on the radio, by the way, that Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a non-profit organization but has a $750,000 surplus in Arizona and billions nationwide. It was also reported BCBS may raise health contracts by nearly 40 percent in January. So you can see why they are so generous with Barto and how her modus operandi is to their liking.

It will be interesting and revealing to see who contributed how much to her campaign when we get the Aug. 4 financial statements. We have heard the GOBs were going to raise funds for her and the Barto fundraiser at the home of Carefree Councilman Bob Gimmell and his Tea Room wife Jo will reveal many names I am sure.

So vote for conservative Ray Barnes for the open LD 7 Senate seat.