Celebrating Joe’s 78th birthday

Event also fundraiser for J.D. Hayworth

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CAVE CREEK – On Saturday, June 19 contributors celebrated Joe Arpaio’s 78th birthday (how many times is that?) with a tasty birthday cake. There is no doubt many viewed the presence of Arpaio as the frosting on the cake, but the event was a fundraiser for J.D. Hayworth.

Three hundred and thirty people paid $35 each to attend, so presumably, after expenses, J.D. added to his campaign bank account. The food was good, the country western band terrific and J.D.’s speech a barn burner. Arpaio’s speech was typical and loved by the audience.

Beverly Peagler, the owner of Frontier Town was an impressive MC and added flavor by wearing Arpaio’s pink underwear and then auctioning off an autographed pair and the ones she modeled (over her jeans). The underwear auction monies totaled approximately $750. More money for J.D.

View collection of event pictures. I apologize for the bad stage lighting.