Pastor Manning declares ‘I Am Terry Lakin’s Brother’

‘I also know that not one of these hypocrites, including Glenn Beck, will lift an eyebrow to help or save Terry Lakin’

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pastor james manningHARLEM, N.Y. – Last Sunday, Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Ministries, sent out an e-mail with the subject line: “I Am Terry Lakin’s Brother.”

Manning, who held a 10th Amendment trial at his Harlem (ATLAH) church last month that found President Obama; Michael Sovern, president of Columbia University during the years Obama supposedly attended; and the trustees of Columbia University, guilty on all 17 counts of sedition, conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice, has been following the case of Lt. Col. Terrance “Terry” Lakin with great interest.

Lakin is sacrificing his military career to do what he took an oath to do, defend the Constitution.

Manning’s e-mail opened, “I am prepared to publicly declare the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin an act of tyranny. The Obama administration aims to put down the brewing revolution of military officers who question his ability.

“Rather than producing the documents, Obama and his thugs, supported by the deafening silence of the American people, will railroad Terry Lakin.”

Manning went on say, I am further prepared to publicly state that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Scott Brown and the national leadership of the Tea Party will treat Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as if he is a leper.

He called the Tea Party leadership, Beck and Palin “more hypocritical than any political movement to date.”

Noting the Republican Party got started in a patriotic attempt to end slavery, Manning said the Dixiecrats, now many Democrats, got started to maintain slavery, while the Tea Party got its start “because it could not stomach what they knew was the truth about Obama and the cult-like actions of many Americans; it was sickening. The preamble to the Tea Party was, ‘Where’s the damn birth certificate?’”

He said the Tea Party’s First Amendment was, “It’s the Constitution stupid, not the color of one’s skin” and the Second Amendment to the Tea Party’s founding was, “We will not have a Muslim reign over this great Christian nation.”

Manning goes on to call Beck a “closet Nazi” who was hired by Fox News to “co-op the alleged racist Americans against Obama to Fox News,” and said, “They came by the millions in the late afternoon sitting at home brooding over what was happening to America.”
Meanwhile, he said CNN hired Jesse Jackson and more recently has hired numerous blacks and gays in its attempt to lure the anti-Americans to its network.

“Many Americans, black and white, believe Fox News is a racist organization,” said Manning. “Furthermore, many Americans, black and white, believe the Tea Party is a racist organization that formed first and foremost to defeat the agenda of the first black President. I, James David Manning believe none of the racist accusations, and I strongly rebuke anyone who does.”

Manning says he knows Beck is a closet Nazi, who is “more hypnotizing, with a cult-like and gullible following like Obama’s.”

After calling Palin out to be a “money-hungry opportunist” hired by Fox News to lead their bid to counter NBC’s bid to control the White House, Manning said, “I also know that not one of these hypocrites, including Glenn Beck, will lift an eyebrow to help or save Terry Lakin.”
Pointing out the Tea Party and Fox News have decided to look the other way regarding the issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, Manning stated, “Mournfully, they have abandoned constitutional authority as fundamental in American politics.”

For example, he stated Beck called the “Birthers” misguided and foolish, while Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox, swore he had seen the birth certificate and referred to the “Birthers” as kooks who did not represent mainstream America.

And, while many of the rank and file members of the Tea Party and Beck’s “brown shirt brigade” still believe Obama is ineligible, Manning says the leadership of the Tea Party has “sold out to lobbyists and big business as usual.”

Asking, “What’s the difference between the Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party?” Manning also answers, “Only the Tea Party is still wearing diapers.”

Lakin, in the interim, has waived his Article 32 (preliminary hearing), originally scheduled for June 11, since his requests for the testimony of Dr. Chiyome Fukino of the Hawaii Department of Health, all of that agency’s records that exist concerning the president’s birth; the testimony of the custodians of records of, and the records relating to Obama’s admission and financial aid that exist, of the Punahou School, Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School, were all summarily denied, leaving Lakin without any ability to mount a defense at the hearing.

Lakin responded to the ruling, signed by Lt. Col. Daniel J. Driscoll, the Army’s investigating officer for the case, issued only 10 days before his hearing was set to take place at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, by stating the Army has made it “impossible for me to present a defense.”

However, because this hearing was preliminary, Lakin will have the opportunity to raise the question again before the military judge assigned to hear his case during the court-martial process.

Visit for more information about Lakin and to make a tax-deductible contribution to the American Patriot Foundation, which is paying for Lakin’s legal defense.