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The ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’ issue

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I decided to respond to this issue because this is my society – a society that makes a sincere honest effort to make everything that is known, and every skill available to every human.  Anyone trained by such an effort, has the responsibility to look after it. 

Since I have noticed that the current commentary/intents/efforts reflect a lack of perception of the proper considerations with regard to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," I must speak up.  That is … the Don't Ask, Don't Tell issue is “NOT” understood, universally accepted, taught, or proclaimed as one of the places in societal and public processes where the granting of additional protections/“Sanctuary” will:

1.   Dismantle our ability to distinguish the proper order of precedence of human allowances. 

2.  Dismantle, cloak, or hide the ability to distinguish proper or “Valid” claims of lack of justice. 

3.  Allow a vast array of things – issues – that are not civil rights issues to be viewed as and fought over as though they are civil rights issues. 

4.  Disrupt our freedom minded society’s ability to know what is fair, and when it has been achieved. 

Hogwash … when it comes to the stated outcomes. 

Well … let’s take a look and see. 

Who are homosexuals/gays?  They are fellow humans who openly and loudly “Lay Claim To,” and continuously profess that the characteristics of the gender other than their birth gender is what they must be.  Their amplified cry on the streets and in the court is to “let them be what they are” … that they have the right to be what they were born to be … and that they are:

1.  Men who see men as woman;
2.  Men who see themselves as women;
3.  Women who see women as men;
4.  Women who see themselves as men. 

Thereby … their very own to the death proclamations or rallying cry seals the number of choices available to them.  Why?  Because gender has been and is an essential part of how everything we do is laid out.  Men who fight you everywhere, including in the courts, to bellow that they are girls/women are actually girls/women.  Men who fight you everywhere, including in the courts, to bellow that they see men as girls/women are actually girls/women.  The same relationship applies to women who bellow that they see girls as men, and so on. 

Our society has taken a significant amount of historical time – from the perspective of absolute numbers only – to carefully shape within state and federal law the Civil Rights of women; cementing within law and legal precedent their right to equal opportunity and a chance at doing/contributing to everything in our society.  Simultaneously … the requirement – necessity – for times and zones of gender separation was also cemented within law and legal precedent. 

Civil rights legal decisions for the purpose of seeing to equal opportunity for women, and its resulting legal precedents, legally specifies that the necessity for times and zones of gender separation are an integral part of feminine “Life” processes, and must always be up and running wherever they are.   Thereby … men who bellow that they are girls/women, and men who bellow that they see men as girls/women who are also women, are required to adhere to the legally specified times and zones of gender separation.  This means that no such man can legally openly express what they are among men who are not like them in the required areas of gender separation.  That is … they have “NO” civil rights or any other legal claim with respect to Don't Ask, Don't Tell because they openly and loudly “Lay Claim To,” and continuously profess to be girls/women. 

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a proper order of precedence of “Life” decision, and a legally correct decision.  So even if they coerce the elimination of Don't Ask, Don't Tell by way of the courts or however, the right to openly display themselves does “NOT” belong to them at the point of the application of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. 

While we are here lets address a couple of other things. 

The other day, someone asked me why God allows children to suffer?  The answer is because they are we and we are they, and because of that they go wherever we go, and experience whatever we experience.  This is true of homosexuals/gays too.  Because humanity’s genome has three signatures intellectual, biological/chemical, and mathematical; their “Life” requirements actually began with the outcomes from the NON-homosexual/gay – self-generating – genome adjustments to where we have had to stand in Cumulative Sequence.  The intellectual and biological/chemical signatures are derivatives of the mathematical signature.  They provide classification and actions terminology for the only real signature – the mathematical signature.  That is … homosexuals/gays are one of the many biological variations that our genome’s intellectual signature has produced without homosexual/gay inclinations or thoughts.  Oh by the way … God says the same thing about us/humanity; and the science of the Universe says the same thing that God says by way of the discovered fact that the spontaneous creation/Cosmic-development of genome/gender has always operated based upon the lack of homosexual/gay inclinations or thoughts.  This is why there are billions of humans/us.  Stand alone non-genome generated homosexual/gay inclinations or thoughts – would-have/could-only – produce 3 to 5 sets of bones for some passing/colonizing aliens to record in their knowledge base as humanoid “Life” that started but did not develop. 

 Thereby … like our children, they are we and we are they – and they … as holders of a piece of our wholeness by way of “The” spark of “Life” – homosexuals/gays like heterosexuals are not allowed to violate the gender specific times and zones.  This means that what is theirs is theirs, and what is “NOT” theirs is “NOT” theirs.  Example … earlier, I said that removing Don't Ask, Don't Tell was wrong because it would be incorrect to provide additional protections/“Sanctuary;” well … there is one proper exception.  The hate crime legislation protection that they now have is correct, because there are many people who cannot be discouraged or frightened away from the belief that they have the right to brutalize and murder them. 

Finally … if we do not properly specify this area the generations that take charge after us, will believe that they have been and still are unfairly treated, and give them something that does not belong to them.  But … if we specify it properly, those who take charge after us will be able to maintain separation of thought based upon understanding instead of upon hatred. 

With this in mind, I present the following separate e-mail.  I sent it to a Canadian Prime Minister/Canadian Society – June 25, 2003 – as my response to their decision to use the word “Marriage” in their legislation to give the right to marry to homosexuals/gays.  I present it here for those who will take charge after us, because it clearly specifies the flow of considerations and the technical(s) of the ability to determine the adherence to civil rights and fairness with respect to homosexuals/gays. 

The Canadian E-mail:

Fine, but because of the historical proof of the effects of what we humans begin to think and the resulting sanctification of it, which promotes the classification of dependent processes as stand alone processes; there must be a preamble/governing principles statement for the legislation and the marriage license that states:

… Because homosexuality is only a subset of "Heterosexual Life," homosexual marriage is only proper for those who are born that way.  Age of realization is insignificant. 
We, the administrators and defenders of the mechanisms of "Liberty," accept as the truth anyone saying that they meet these criteria.  Since the creation of "Life" is out of our hands, homosexuals are truly the children of God/Universe; and the "Commandments" of the Universe demand that they "too" must be respected – or else.  This right does not remove the citizenship responsibilities of anyone exercising it to safeguard, and defend the well-spring of their existence – Heterosexuality.  Only those doing so deserve and will command the blessings of Our Union and Our Society …

I know that they see any required or declared homosexual responsibility as a statement that they are not as good a human being, and that it is O.K. to mistreat them; but past wrongs and over compensation can not be allowed to keep them from having to be as accurate as everyone else.  Rightly, they are only just trying to survive and be treated the same.  They are not even aware that they still do not have the understanding and the courage required to protect the well-spring of "Life."  They will.  That is, their "Life" propagating responsibilities are a function of the fabric of the Universe – "NOT" heterosexual intolerance.  If they are not ready to accept this, then you can be sure that the individual requirements or pressures to justify one's self to everyone else will cause homosexuality to slowly incrementally become viewed as a source activity instead of as the output activity that it is.  This "make it the same" survival mechanism is involuntary, and cannot be ignored, turned off, or controlled in a dispersed knowledge and uneven strengths environment. 

I know you-all cringe and puff-up when an American challenges your sovereign views.  We understand, because the world has challenged our sovereign views from our beginning – to today – and I'm sure many of the tomorrows for the foreseeable future.  We have had to meet "ALL" conceptual challenges. 

I only dare to comment about this because it is a "Cosmic Situation", which means you-all will carry the load for all of us.  As a citizen of the world who understands the meaning of all of the stated known(s), I am meeting my responsibilities by asking you to be accurate, and to do a world-class job. 

You have done it before, when you put all of the "you cannot do(s)" in your "Constitution" and "Laws" specifically for heterosexuals.  You did not do it because they were heterosexuals; you did it because the fabric of the "Universe" dictated the absolute responsibilities for safeguarding, defending, and propagating "Life."  That is, even in a society based upon "Personal Liberties," freedom of expression is only allowed as long as each person "acts" to protect the well-spring of their existence.  Please do not let the devaluation of the "purpose" of the words and concepts in every document of "Liberty" go un-noticed.  They were designed to propagate and maintain "Life" as it came to us, and to make us think right no matter what was in the past. 

Finally, I am delighted and respectful of the fact that you have lived your "Life" as an "up-now" acquirer, characterizer, disperser, and guardian of "ALL" we know.  Your 95 percent plus accuracy rate has made Canada one of the most highly prized societies in the world.  I truly know that Canadians (Nadians - Claire) are competent and loving.  I also realize that it is your stuff, and that I am only a "Proud American."  For your society, I hope you do not let the desire to not be called or viewed as a homophobe to cause you to give away the store.

Since we are just a bunch of humans trying to be fair, if some of this type of stuff does get through the courts, you will know to see to it that Congress fixes it.  That is … to put some things on hold until you see to it that it is fixed.