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JUNE 2, 2010

Exquisite young quarter horse mare needs a little help from her friends

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meiraPHOENIX – Conquistador Program Director and friend, Wendy K. Hart, has saved the life of a beautiful 7 year-old chestnut quarter horse mare in Colorado named Miss Meira for the Conquistador Program.  The little mare is happy now because she is able to move around in a turnout and is not confined to a small stall but Meira has some difficult days ahead as she struggles to recover from having her hooves removed in a trim.  Evidence of rope injuries around Meria’s legs also raise some suspicions that she may have been a victim of horse tripping.

Meira is 14’2 hands high. She is a rich chestnut color, gentle and kind. Wendy’s farrier worked a little on Meira to help her stand a little straighter and Wendy happily reports that Meira is more comfortable. On Saturday, May 28, the veterinarian did a full assessment on Meira. The veterinarian feels the most pressing issue for Meira is the loss of her heels and the need for them to grow back together with farrier care and corrective shoeing. Meira also may need some dietary regulation to control her weight and sugar intake. The goal of Wendy and the Conquistador Program is for Meira to make a full recovery and to find a loving, good forever family.

At this time, Director, Wendy Hart, is supporting Meira financially but she could use some help with Meira’s feed and with the farrier and veterinary care. Community members who would like to help the little mare recover can buy feed for Meira by calling Lafayette Feed and Grain in Colorado where Meira is safe with Wendy. The number for Lafayette Feed and Grain is (303) 665-5055. Community members also can donate to help with Meira’s veterinary care and farrier care by going to and donating through the Paypal button.

CERAP is a registered 501c3 equine charity and donors will receive a receipt to deduct their donation to the extent of the law. CERAP, Wendy and most of all Meira thank the community for their compassion and for their kindness. More photographs of Meira are available by going to and clicking on the link to Meira.