JUNE 2, 2010

Looking for local coordinators and host families

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PEACE4KIDS (P4K), a non profit high school foreign exchange organization, is currently looking for Community Supervisors.  Community Supervisors  find host families and work with their students during the school year.  Individuals must enjoy teenagers, have good communication skills and embrace diversity.  Community Supervisors receive a stipend.

PEACE4KIDS (P4K) is also looking for Host Families in the local area to host a Foreign Exchange Student.  These young ambassadors are between 15 and 18 years of age and all speak English.

Student's profiles are arriving for those students from various countries  Students will come with their own spending money and medical insurance.

Please call Carol, Susan, or Tom Berger, Community Supervisors, 1-209-541-1211, or 1-877-381-4739 for more information.  Please visit our website, www.peace4kids.net.