Welcome back, ‘Coach Jerry’!

By Pete Mohr | April 28, 2010

coach jerryTrack Falcons’ Senior Day, Wednesday, April 14, was a positive, upbeat event – made even more so by the opportunity to welcome back their popular (make that “beloved”) Assistant Coach Jerry Cumberland, accompanied by his wife, Cindy, whose professional nursing experience may have saved “Coach Jerry’s” life. “Without her,” Coach Cumberland acknowledged to Sonoran News, “I wouldn’t be here.” Beginning on Nov. 18, 2009, Cumberland underwent four major operations (quintuple heart bypass surgery and removal of his gall bladder) in two weeks!

The timeliness of Cindy’s interventions saved her husband from post-operative complications that could have taken his life. On behalf of the Cactus Shadows Track Family, Head Coach Geoff Johnson (l., with the Cumberlands) presented Cumberland with a handsomely framed photo of Track squadmembers giving their “One-Two-Three, Falcons!” cheer and a team T-shirt. Cumberland later participated in the presentation of roses to the Moms of Track seniors. At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, Cumberland plans to resume his teaching responsibilities (Social Studies) at CSHS and his post as head coach of the Freshman Falcons. “Coach Jerry,” all who know you are very thankful for your recovery.