Council approves SUP for car wash

By Linda Bentley | April 21, 2010

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kent bro and jeff wintersKent Bro (l) of Bromax Chevron and Architect Jeff Winters explained where the proposed car wash would be situated at the gas station located at the southwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway, while answering council’s questions pertaining to the special use permit under review. Photo by Linda Bentley

Cave Creek to hold workshop to discuss 'Appendix A' and map of areas to be considered for general plan amendments

CAVE CREEK – Council unanimously approved a contract not to exceed $28,500 with Camp, Dresser & McKee for design of 2,250 linear feet of 16 inch water line to connect the Neary Tank to the new 16 inch Rancho Mañana Boulevard pipeline.

Although Utilities Manager Jessica Marlow stated the expense was not included in any of the WIFA loans, she said there was money in her budget for such additional engineering work.

Marlow also stated bids were requested from various companies the town had either used previously or with whose work she was familiar, citing she estimated to cost to run right around $30,000.

Council also unanimously approved a special use permit for Kent Bro of Bromax Chevron to allow for the addition of a car wash at the rear of the gas station’s convenience store located at the southwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway.

Councilman Adam Trenk questioned the use of water. However, as Senior Planner Larry Sahr pointed out, the Chevron station receives its water from the city of Phoenix and will continue to do so.

Councilman Ralph Mozilo questioned how the town would bill the gas station for sewer services, since sewer service is based on water usage and it would be receiving its water from the city of Phoenix.

Town Manager Usama Abujbarah told Mozilo, “I asked exactly the same question.”

Abujbarah said he was told, since the water meter is available for the town to read as well, the utilities department would simply do a water meter reading for the purpose of charging for sewer service.

Councilman Steve LaMar said that was the perfect place for a car wash, “tucked back behind the building,” and stated, “I don’t see any reason in the world not to approve this SUP.”

Council then unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the town to enter into a development agreement with Bromax to dedicate a 9,828 square foot right-of-way, appraised at $277,000 in November 2008, in exchange for the right of Bromax to connect to the town’s wastewater collection lines and treatment facility without paying a fee.

Town Engineer Wayne Anderson said the agreement was the culmination of a year of friendly negotiations with the property owner.

Councilman Dick Esser said, “I think this is a win-win situation.” LaMar, Trenk and Mayor Vincent Francia agreed and each thanked Bro for his ongoing spirit of cooperation with the town during and since the development of the gas station.

The last item on the agenda was also approved unanimously, although reluctantly by a few.

Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek said new statute no longer requires the town to “call for an election” but sets dates when the town clerk may issue candidate packets and when they may be returned.

For the March primary election, she said candidate packets may be issued Nov. 8 and must be turned in no later than Dec. 8.

Dyrek then stated more than 50 percent of Cave Creek’s registered voters have requested to be placed on the permanent early voter list and recommended passing a resolution to designate Cave Creek elections all-mail elections.

Although she indicated doing so would only be a marginal cost savings of $1,000, it was a savings nonetheless. She said it also increases the number of voters, whereas, if the town went to all-mail elections, every registered voter would receive a ballot in the mail.

Dyrek emphasized that this would apply strictly to Cave Creek elections only. Combined state, county or school district elections would be held as usual.

When Trenk asked if the change would only apply to the March primary election, Dyrek stated the change would apply to all future elections and explained any changes to the election process must first be approved by the Department of Justice, which she said is a lengthy process that takes months.

Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch said he would support the change, although he preferred elections to be held at a precinct where candidates can personally thank citizens for their support.
Mozilo, reminiscing about the subject when it came before council once before in 1999 and was voted down, said, “The councilman sitting next to me said, ‘People are going to vote that we don’t want to vote.’”

Francia said he believes he voted against it, although for nostalgic reasons.

Planning Director Ian Cordwell announced there would be a special workshop for council and the planning commission at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 26, to discuss “Appendix A” and a map of the areas to be considered for general plan amendments.