Dental care you can sink your teeth in

By Marielle D. Marne | April 14, 2010

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carefree dentists
Dr. Elysa Daniels and Dr. Seth Jorgensen of Carefree Dentists.

CAREFREE – There are countless sayings about smiles: they are the most cost-effective accessory; smile and the whole world smiles back at you; everyone smiles in the same language. So shouldn't you trust your smile, your teeth, your oral health to those who care?

"We are it!" said an enthusiastic Dr. Seth Jorgensen of Carefree Dentists.

Along with Dr. Elysa Daniels, Jorgensen assures their patients their undivided attention. "We educate and inform patients as to the best treatment," he explained. They use the intraoral cameras so people can actually SEE any issues within their mouths. That process alone seems to calm any fears and fosters a curiosity in the patient. "They want to then see what we are doing; they get involved in the process. They see we are not out to hurt them and they get over their anxiety."

The Carefree Dentists have lots of perks for patients, from hypnotherapy for the exceptionally scared to pre-needle numbing solutions. And, they are now accepting new patients at their 7518 Elbow Bend Rd. location. Give them a ring at 480-488-9735 or visit for more details.