Blink and Be Beautiful makeup can be your reality

By Marielle D. Marne | April 14, 2010

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brow after
Before and after of brow and eyeliner.

CAVE CREEK – Think permanent makeup is only for the rich and famous? Do you believe only brides need professional makeup applications? It's a new day and anyone can partake of these services! Yes, even gentlemen! "Wake up with makeup," says Connie Eskelson of Blink and Be Beautiful.

"Permanent makeup," Eskelson explained, "is perfect for those who may find it difficult to see when applying either lip or eyeliner, for instance, when you have to have a precise line." Or, as we age, eyebrows tend to thin, adding years to one's face. Permanent full eyebrows provide a youthfulness to one's appearance. Even men have discovered this beauty secret! However, all ages can benefit. If you're on-the-go, an athlete who wants to look good despite perspiration or someone who simply wants the convenience of looking polished naturally, permanent makeup is for you! And, the procedure doesn't hurt.

So for special occasions, and think outside weddings to proms, reunions, business presentations, photo opportunities, professionally done makeup is a must. Eskelson uses an airbrush for flawless skin. Additionally, she knows how to highlight favorable features the camera picks up. Priceless!

Eskelson is MAC trained and CPCP certified. "I received the best training and take pride in what I do," she assured.

She is available by appointment by calling 602-743-7309. See her Web site at for more details.