Your View | March 31 – April 6, 2010

?What a lowlife Wayne Fulcher turned out to be. Now he is claiming he filed a criminal complaint against Bob Coady because he was personally liable for signing town audits. No, mayors are not personally liable for signing anything in their elected capacity. What was Fulcher doing for all that first year as mayor? Looks to me like Wayne boy was too dumb or too lazy to learn the financial and legal ramifications of running Carefree.

I am still incensed about Assistant Superintendent Kent Frison’s actions in kicking Hot Dog Guy Jerry Vicena off the corner of Cave Creek and Schoolhouse roads. I am even angrier about how Superintendent Debbie Burdick ran around the bush with Linda Bentley on that same subject, not having real reasons for Frison’s actions. While those two sit in their ivory tower consuming our money, Vicena’s trying to make an honest living on his own. If it is true they plan on floating another override in November, I just dare them. If they think they got beat badly last time, just try again. I will see that Jerry is front and center with voters!

Although hot dogs are not on my diet menu, I nonetheless visit the Hot Dog Guy almost daily and eat his food. What a nice guy. The silence has been deafening about current uses of the “protected” corner where the schools are. What is the excuse (Debbie) Burdick? Why are bins there and even more disgusting why is that ugly Magic Bird truck there? What happened to the sign complaint woman, Anna Marsolo? Did Sonoran News scare her away?

After that Healthcare vote, I realized as a Carefree citizen I am living under a federal and local boot. As if it isn’t bad enough Schwan is still the town’s mayor, I have to live with the knowledge that thanks to Obama my children and grandchildren will be seriously disadvantaged. What changes in one lifetime. AARRGGHHH!

Thank you CATO for wading through the arcane accounting of schools, which are deliberately obtuse. I wonder if the union and administration will deny their findings, which are myth-shattering to say the least. To me it is suspicions confirmed that cost per student has been seriously underreported. It was done deliberately to sell bonds and overrides. I wonder whether PAC activists knew, and lied, or whether they were victims too? In any case they won’t be invited into our house again. Just remember voters, CCUSD gets about $14,000 per student, not the $9,000 CCUSD complained about. In any case, clip Linda Bentley’s article in the March 17 issue and save it for future reference.

Of all the tag lines I have ever heard in my life this one has to be one of the worst. Branding your town as "Perfectly Uncivilized" has absolutely zero positive qualities. I understand completely where the REV IT UP people are getting this and it works well for the Thieves Market, but for a marketing campaign? I don't think so. If the people involved in this were on their game they would call/talk to/write the Arizona Office of Tourism and ask for their written opinion about it. If they were really smart, they would gather the membership of the Chamber of Commerce together at a meeting and vote on it! Decisions such as tag lines for the entire business community should not be left to a small number of people – everyone should be involved.

Becky Fenger (Editorial 2/17-2/23) as usual was right on in pointing out to the naysayers the significant reduction of homicides and violent crime we have experienced nationwide during the last few years. With respect to the cause of this, however, she missed one of the major contributors being the fact that our laws have been changing for the better with respect to personal self-defense. As a result, millions of law abiding Americans have been arming themselves with handguns both in the home and on their person telling criminals to think twice before they prey on an armed citizen.

Of course I went to the tea party at the Carefree Resort. Then I read that Archie’s (McGill) co-sponsor was of all people Hugh Stevens, the want to be leader of the good old boy clique in Carefree. Had I known there are constructive things to do that don’t involve that type of “humanity.” I am counting on Sonoran News to keep us informed in detail about such public events so we don’t play follow the leader with that type of individual. I assume Archie is new and lives in Carefree.
Ed. note: Archie McGill lives in Desert Mountain.

The Tea Party was a blast with some great speakers and some not so great. But the patriotism was overwhelming. I wonder where all those people were in the last presidential election. I can’t imagine any of them voting for Obama or Harry Mitchell for that matter. But as a John Traynor voter, who let the loser Lloyd Meyer in to play the organ? Not only that but Hugh Stevens limped up to the podium. Fortunately I couldn’t hear a word he whispered. Then (Councilman) Bob Gimmell’s wife – groan. Sounds like the good old boys were in the background and foreground. Good event but the Carefree politicians ruined it for me.