canfield letters

More trapping! Coyote this time

Once again a trapped animal was found in the area of 54th St. north on Spur Cross near Chauva Ranch Rd. I was out hiking with my dog down Willow Springs wash when she ran into a gully side shoot of the wash barking. I investigated the commotion and found yet another trapped animal. This time it was a coyote that had its foot stuck in a similar trap as the bobcat only eleven days earlier. I hope that something can be done to find the person responsible for these incidents and thrown in jail. I would hate to see a pet or a child hiking down these washes get their foot trapped. Neighbors in the area have been notified and are going to report the problem to the Town Marshall Adam Stein to see what the town can do to take action.

Brett Walton | Cave Creek


The Left has us in the cross hairs

Obama has declared open season on middle America. Every policy and program and tactic he is using is designed to reduce us all to dependents on government for all of our needs.

Once the majority of people are dependent in some form or fashion on government handouts or subsidies, he knows that he controls us forever.

He does not address unemployment and will not address it. He will continue to extend benefits (welfare, by another name) long enough to where those on it become accustomed and dependent upon it. He knows that they will not be able to buy health insurance and cannot keep up a mortgage or rents. So he has made them dependents of the State by giving them checks each month, subsidized or "free" healthcare and mortgage relief and assistance and renter's credits. Now Americans receiving these benefits cannot ever give them up and any politician, Republican or Democrat cannot stay alive in public office if they dare to take them away. They have created drug addicts on government handouts. They also have laundered the public's collective conscience to eliminate any guilt for being a mooch on others. Most Americans would not go next door and steal from their neighbors. But if government steals from the neighbors, and gives it to them, that is okay. So they are getting free stuff, guilt free.

The deadly problem is that government cannot rob the "rich" forever to pay for the welfare state. The government also cannot continue to go into debt or print more cash forever. The bills have to be paid eventually. The credit card is full. Once we go bankrupt as a country, we will be worse than zero. Obama has us heading into so much debt that we physically cannot ever pay, we will be worse off than Europe, Russia and others. We will be paying more in interest on the debt that we have money to provide services to the country. And there is nothing on the horizon to fix it. Everything we could do to start up a production economy is thwarted. We cannot do anything like build nuclear power plants, refineries, petrochemical development, oil shale, clean coal, logging, fishing and natural gas development without a flurry of lawsuits blocking them. We discourage heavy industry through high union wages and benefits demands and government regulations and taxation.

Why would anyone take the risks and liabilities? Leftists have boxed us in and we are in a death struggle for our existence as a nation. Unfunded entitlements have us so far in debt that taxes have to go up dramatically plus cut the entitlements back in draconian fashion in order to stand a chance of survival as a nation.

We have to get rid of the Leftists in this country at every opportunity. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, and Venezuela have to be giddy about our President and Congress destroying us without them having to do a thing. The competition is eliminating itself! Could they be this lucky?!

If we care at all about what country we leave our children and grandchildren, we have to stop these maniacs. Do not ever give up the traditional American fighting spirit. Do not allow them to reduce us to hand-fed zoo animals, dependent upon our keepers for food and shelter and medical care. Ask the Native Americans how well government has cared for them and how well the promises worked out for them. Obama and the Left are stealing our country from us, and our freedom and dignity.

Steven | Cave Creek


Socialist Workers’ paradise

I left Argentina in 1953, to get away from the Peronista National Socialist regime. We had already left Nazi-occupied France for what my parents thought would be a safe Argentine haven.

Last night, Sunday, I went to sleep in a constitutional republic; I awoke today under the heel of a Marxist dictator. Argentina got rid of its Peronista nightmare in 1955, and Chile accomplished the same in 1973, by overthrowing its Marxist Allende government. The USA, or rather, USSA, is too respectful of its Constitution to resort to arms - so far. We have just ONE chance to rectify the situation: VOTE ALL THE SCOUNDRELS OUT OF OFFICE this November! In the meantime, however, the scoundrels, including RINO McCain, will attempt to pass a blanket amnesty bill. Let's not allow that.

There was a day disgruntled Americans emigrated to South Africa, Rhodesia, New Zealand and Australia. There is nothing left now ... unless the Republic of Texas secedes from the Union, at which time I'll bug out - again!

Good day to you, Tovarischii!

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix


Life is good!

This note is for Don and the residents of Cave Creek and Carefree:

We, Dave, Deb, Dino (our Shitzu) and Wendy (our horse) left all of you behind in June of 2009. Between the two of us, we created 3 businesses in Cave Creek and Carefree: C.J.'s Pub & Grille, Cave Creek Meats & Seafood and Artwood Creations.

In retrospect, we wouldn't have changed a thing. Well ... maybe a thing or two! We think of you often and miss the good old days before the Sheriff arrived. Before the foreigners arrived.

The foreigners ... who knew they would fall absolutely head over heels in love with our towns at first glance but would eventually bring you to your knees and recreate what they had left behind. Now, they run your governments! Now, they run you! They'll run you right out of town!

If you've ever moved your belongings in a horse trailer, "you might be a redneck." Mel and Joyce will know what I'm talking about. Thank goodness, we had the good sense to take lots of photographs over the years.

Cave Creek and Carefree were the ultimate place to be ... for us anyway! Please do not stay the same and don't listen to the foreigners. Go back ... way back! Go back to the way things used to be ... we miss it! Many of you miss the good old days too! Be strong and consult the real owners of the towns. They'll tell you how things should be and you should all listen to them!

Forever yours.

Dave, Deb, Dino & Wendy | Via e-mail


Need legislative limit for Medicaid cost to Arizona

You are all aware of the current Congressional proposal to shift a large amount of the cost of healthcare/health insurance reform to the States, by doubling earnings eligibility threshold, and by mandating participation if eligible. In order to continue to be eligible for Federal matching funds, our State would be required to expand our Medicaid rolls, and be saddled with half of the new expense in the process. As our down economy and budget nightmare demonstrates, this proposed formula is not sustainable for our State's budget, and during economic downswings, could outright bankrupt our State.

If Federally compliant user cost sharing and Medicaid Federal matching funds cannot offset the cost of eligibility expansion in Arizona, then we need State legislative safeguards that limits our State's budgetary exposure, and when that limit is reached, State ARS should require the State to decline Federal matching funds and cap at the State's Max cost share limit (i.e. 20% of the state budget). Keep Arizona from bankruptcy. Cap our exposure now.

Bob Dotson | Queen Creek (UNPC)


Malice domestic

The bloom is off the rose. One year ago Obama-mania was in full flower offering fragrant platitudes of hope and change. The new president came into office amid the heavenly glow of press adulation, hallo cocked at a jaunty angle wearing a winning smile and a perfect suit.

The world responded, Europe loved him, congress loved him, terrorists loved him, he was the Anti-Bush and the answer to everyone's prayers. He was the first post-racial president and a man of peace; a fact recognized immediately by the Nobel Prize committee.

But, a strange thing happened on the way to Nirvana. The legislative tongue depressors employed to ram universal health care down our throats have failed to gain bi-partisan or public support, only public outrage. Hundreds of billions robbed from our children and grandchildren have stimulated nothing but voter ire and White House allies. These stolen billions threaten to become multiple trillions with the addition of government controlled health care.

Now this most ruinous, divisive, expensive and defining issue of our time, single payer health care while teetering us on the edge of liberty's extinction, is poised for unconstitutional reality via the subterfuge of the House of Representative's own March Hare Nancy Palosi. Giddy with power and elitist condescension she and her narcissistic boss thumb their Socialist noses at the 70% of those they were elected to serve. Have no illusions this act is not about your health, but your servitude.

Thank God that the righteous indignation of the American people promises to bring what William Shakespeare called "Malice domestic" down upon the willing accomplices of B.O. politically emasculating him for the remainder of his term. It is imperative that those bribed and tainted congress members be retired en masse with a rejection ballot jammed in their craws, because this President is not through. Before the Dem's cheers of victory had subsided he had move on to vowing immigration Reform, a thinly veiled call for opening our borders!

The will of the American people must not be ignored; these destroyers of the U.S. Constitution need to be politically vanquished, voted out in disgrace.

Randy Edwards | Cave Creek


Second day in Infamy

I remember Dec. 7, 1941, as described by then president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as the ”Day in Infamy.” It was horrific and the start of the second World War!

This is the “second day in infamy” as the president signs into law a bill that the people don’t want. Our congress is supposed to adhere to the will of the people for whom they work. The display of vote buying, arm twisting and lack of spine was shameful. Also, the lack of fiscal responsibility shall haunt us as this great country is brought to its knees with bankruptcy, continued unemployment and stagnation of innovation due to higher taxes on almost everyone, especially small business.

All this is wrought by a president who has sealed all his college records, sealed what passport he traveled on to Pakistan in 1981 when Americans were not allowed to travel there and sealed the scholarship records given only to foreign students which Obama won and used at Occidental College. Isn’t it a shame that we are thrust into European socialism or worse by a leader with that record?

Marilyn Scott | Via e-mail


Request for Clarification

Attn: Louise Story

Dear Ms. Story: In a front page article in the New York Times – Tuesday, March 23, 2010 – “Housing Crisis Plays Out on Arizona Street, Dividing Neighbors”, the dateline is listed as CAVE CREEK, Arizona. The article profiles four families who live on Montgomery Road. This road is actually located in a community south of Cave Creek, called Tatum Ranch, and is in the jurisdiction of Phoenix, not Cave Creek. Tatum Ranch residents are our neighbors, good neighbors I might add, but they in fact are not citizens of Cave Creek. What Cave Creek and Tatum Ranch do share is a common zip code – 85331. A corrections request as to your dateline would be appreciated by the citizens of Cave Creek.

Mayor Vincent Francia | Town of Cave Creek

Editor note: Ms. Story refused a printed correction.


The agony played out

The agony played out on the house floor Sunday night was stunning and prophetic. Now that the leftist liberal’s have discovered that they can circumvent due process and cram down their socialist agenda on Americans they have a model for further deployment. Immigration reform and second amendment rights will be forthcoming.

As Obama and his co-conspirators shred the constitution, we must remember the words of Lincoln on January 27, 1838: “At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

At this historic time, freedom-loving patriots must contemplate these words as we reflect on history, current events and group facts together to draw logical conclusions.

Bill Crawford | Scottsdale


Lay-away Health Plan

Congratulations America! You have just been enrolled in the Obama Lay-Away Health Plan. Just pay your installments (taxes) for 4 years or so, and then at the end you can pick up the merchandise, if it has not been replaced, just like some of us used to do at Christmas time. The trouble is, none of us really know what we will pick us after paying those taxes, since it will depend on whether Big Brother decides that we really, really need that chemotherapy or mammogram. And providing we do not die before the last installment is paid. But don’t worry! The dark-suited bureaucrats will hold their committee meetings and decide what is best. After all, what do you and the doctors know about medicine?! And anyway, they are relatively flexible about Bandaids … Christmas comes but once a year … or so.

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek


A Republic it is ...

I concede that the United States is operated by a Democratic-Republic system of government, however, I, like many Americans, romanticize this country to be and hold its power as a Democracy. I have long believed that even though I cannot vote in the halls of Washington that my representatives care enough to gauge the temperature of their constituents and represent them accordingly. Never before has the reality of how much of a Republic we live in been made so clear than when Congress and the President signed this massive healthcare bill into law despite a strong majority of the citizens of this country opposing this kind of reform. Then, the same Washington elite that have passed this entitlement brazenly tell the citizens of this country that they will explain the reform later through a grandiose marketing scheme but right now we need to pass a healthcare "fix-it" bill. No greater statement of "we know what is better for you, just blindly trust us" has ever been made. This elitist attitude shows just what the majority of our representatives and the President think of us as citizens of this country. Before those in Washington can hope that the people of this great country will restore their faith in them, Washington must first restore its faith in its people, but for now a Republic it is ...

Kent C. Walter | Phoenix


What’s wrong with this picture?

The citizens of Arizona are taxed $74 million. We send $18 million to the state treasury and $56 million to the federal treasury. The state spends the $18 million on Kid’s Care. The feds then send our $56 million back to us so we can spend it on Kid’s Care. So why did we send our $56 million to Washington to begin with? Why didn’t we just keep the entire $74 million here?

But there is more. If we don’t spend our $18 million on Kid’s Care the feds keep our $56 million and spend it on something else like Midnight Basketball or a crucifix in jar of urine presented as a work of public art. AND THIS IS HAPPENING IN ALL FIFTY STATES.

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale