Brett Hoeppner called ‘life of the Tea Party’

By Linda Bentley | March 31, 2010

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Mention of Sheriff Joe Arpaioís name yielded a standing ovation
brett hoeppnerCAREFREE – An estimated 1,600 people showed up for the Tea Party event at the Carefree Resort on Saturday, filling the Saguaro Room with a standing-room only crowd.

Cactus Shadows High School senior Brett Hoeppner kicked off the afternoon’s speakers, while highlighting the fact money he’s yet to earn is being irresponsibly spent by Congress. Hoeppner received a standing ovation.

The following day, Rep. Nancy Barto, R-Dist. 7, posted a comment on Facebook saying, “Brett was the life of the Tea Party yesterday – everyone was excited about what an impact he’s going to make now and in the future.”

Later on in the program, when the subject of illegal immigration came up, although he wasn’t present, mere mention of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s name sent the crowd into wild applause and a standing ovation.

The event also served as a place for those seeking office to collect signatures and distribute information.

Advocates for smaller government and lower taxes were also present, including Tom Jenney, state director for Americans for Prosperity; Prop 13 Arizona Chair Lynne Weaver, and Kristen Burroughs, who’s running for the state legislature in District 7.

There were plenty of signs expressing negative sentiments about President Obama and Sen. John McCain, who was invited to speak but apparently never responded.

One sign posted on the wall in the auditorium dubbed Washington D.C. as the “District of Corruption,” while another stated, “Govt. does not solve problems – It subsidizes them.”

And, summing up citizens’ sentiments about the overall path the current administration is on was a sign saying, “Keep your Kool-Aid … I drink Tea,” utilizing the Obama logo for the Os in Kool.

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