Cave Creek awarded $70,000 AZ Dept. of Commerce grant

By Linda Bentley | March 17, 2010

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CAVE CREEK – On Monday, Assistant Utilities Manager Mike Rigney sent Town Manager Usama Abujbara and Mayor Vincent Francia an e-mail announcing the town had been awarded nearly $70,000 from the Arizona Department of Commerce (ADC) for energy efficiency upgrades to town facilities.

theresa rigneyRigney said the town received the paperwork and the official notice to proceed on Monday and attributed being awarded the grant to many hours of hard work by Green Committee members Theresa Rigney and George Ross, with assistance from town staff.

He said, “This grant will pay for energy efficiency upgrades to town hall, two new motors for pumps at our Galloway booster station and copies of the 2009 Building Codes with new energy efficiency guidelines for the Building Safety Department.

“Perhaps as important,” said Rigney, “the town will be eligible for additional energy efficiency grants from the ADC,” while providing a “lead by example” precedent for the town as it encourages citizens to be more energy efficient.

Upon hearing the news, Councilman Jim Bruce said, “As is so often the case, our volunteers and staff working together accomplish so much for the town! Kudos to all for their hard work!”

Councilman Ralph Mozilo praised all involved in obtaining the grant and said, “This is a big step in helping keep on-going costs down. Your hard work, creativity and dedication is very much appreciated.”