Your View | March 10 – 16, 2010

Is it true the Walmart that’s going to be built in Cave Creek is actually on property that was originally zoned residential? If that is the case and if I were a person who had residential property next door I would never imagine a 100,000 square foot Walmart might be my neighbor. I would think all of us would agree that would be something none of us would want. A lot of us have that not in my back yard attitude for various things. The only right thing to do would be for the neighbors to be bought out and that would be the fairest thing for them, considering what they got into.

How can the people of Carefree stand what their political leaders are doing? They have a councilwoman who puts out flyers about a recall election and vice mayor who wears Carefree firefighters T-shirts? It seems to me that if they are not illegal they are definitely unethical and they try to bias and sway the results of an election.

It appears to me that Mr. Smith of Cave Creek is the one who is the clown as he does not have his facts straight about J.D. Hayworth. J.D. was not a TV weatherman. He was a TV sportscaster.

Let me get this straight. Cave Creek’s law firm, Mariscal Weeks etc., has been providing third class legal services for several years and charging first class prices, so Mayor Francia and Councilmen Esser, Trenk and Mozillo reward them with a new contract because they are a large law firm. No wonder Cave Creek is broke.

Just in time for the recall election I received a card from "Support Our Town Citizen Volunteers" (not otherwise identified) urging "Defeat the Recall." Apparently unable to find anything positive their flag carrier (Mayor David Schwan) has done, the card bizarrely attacked a non-resident of Carefree. I sense abject desperation in the Schwan camp.

Thank you Vice Mayor Bunch and Councilmen LaMar and Bruce for having the courage and good sense to vote no on rewarding your current law firm with a new contract. That’s the same law firm that recently cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing an unconstitutional ordinance to get illegal immigrants off the street and then paying off the resultant lawsuits. Francia, Trenk, Mozilo and Esser must be on their payroll to see merit in that brilliant feat.

The practice of using the American flag to advertise and mark the turf of sub division models is offensive and violates the code that governs the flying of the country's flag.  Some case could be made for the  flying of it in front of homes if the intent were to honor that for  which is intended to stand, but these flags never seem to respond to  government pronouncements concerning flying the flag at half mast, nor  do they come down at night, though few are lighted.  With all the historical hoopla about desecrating the flag for an agenda, why do we sit quietly and allow these companies to misuse the flag for personal  profit.

Sounds like Cave Creek council members Mozilo, Francia, Trenk and Esser would not recognize a budget if it hit them in the fanny.

Obama has failed to revive the economy. "We'll borrow more money then anybody in history and spend it, give it to doctors, call it health care, that I'll fix everything, its a stimulus, just give it a chance." That's insane!!! Or maybe we'll ALL do that, borrow more money than anybody and spend it!  Yea, yea – that's real c*r*a*z*y! The economy will get worse and worse, and fall apart. And China now has cruise missiles and can attack anybody anytime they want. They can hit 10, 100, 500 whatever amount of cities, all at the same time, whatever.

Many people were angry with the mayor’s charade in the Cave Creek Town Council meeting on February 16 when he got his law firm a new contract. I was actually amazed at how tightly he had the vote wired with his three collaborators before they walked into the room. Maybe the guy really has a tiny bit of leadership in him after all, however misguided.

Can anyone be a bigger jerk than this guy Kent Frison of the CCUSD? He gets a guy trying to make a living selling Hot Dogs kicked off a property just to be a jerk. Not a damn lick of common sense and all this while his job is funded by the taxpayers.

I thought Everyday Heroes by Carrie Singer was a great story. You guys should publish more articles like that one.

Cave Creek‘s new law firm is Francia, Mozilo, Trenk & Esser. The firm’s managing partner and spokesperson, Vincent Francia, says the firm promises not to stick its hand in the Cave Creek taxpayer’s pocket – at least, past the elbow.