Three Sonoran Trails Middle School students OD on cold medication

By Linda Bentley | March 3, 2010

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CCUSD – Phoenix Fire Department responded to Sonoran Trails Middle School on Friday after receiving a call that three students had apparently overdosed on Tylenol cold medication, which police later said the girls most likely took at school to get high.

One of the three reportedly took six pills while the other two students took three each.

Instead of getting high, the girls began to feel ill and went to the nurse’s office.

The three were transported to the hospital for observation and their condition was unknown.

Talk about a picture of several female Cactus Shadows High School students posted on the website has been getting some radio air time since it was posted on Sunday. The picture shows eight girls in a smoke-filled room.

And, last but not least, Sonoran News was informed police were called to Desert Arroyo Middle School last week due to students engaging in inappropriate (sexual) conduct in the school library restroom.

Responding to the STMS incident, Superintendent Debbi Burdick said, “All students will be disciplined according to our policies and Student Code of Conduct.”