Why does Rod de Szendeffy really support the recall?

By Linda Bentley | February 24, 2010

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Because the outrage is really on the other foot
susan vanikCAREFREE – Last week, Sonoran News received a copy of a flyer by Councilwoman Susan Vanik. Emblazoned in red across the top in all caps it reads, “Where is the outrage?” and “Carefree voters beware!!!!”

It goes on to state, in all caps: “Recall PAC files financial statement: $20,410 invested in effort to reverse election.”

She begins with bolding, which is interspersed throughout along with all caps, by stating, “In one of the worst economic downturns in recent history a group of Carefree dissidents has spent over $20,000 to divide a council and create adversity and divisiveness among our citizens by supporting a recall that is not founded on any immoral, unethical or illegal grounds … Yet every editorial, every e-mail blast published by supporters of the recall attacks our town and council for irresponsible spending.” In all caps she asks, “Where is the outrage?”

rod de szendeffyWell, the outrage is on the other foot. It’s the outrage that prompted Rod de Szendeffy, a resident of Carefree since its pre-incorporation days, to expend over $20,000, comprised mostly of his own funds, to facilitate the recall of Mayor David Schwan from council.

To ensure his effort was conducted properly, he hired political consultant Ryan Ducharme.
That’s quite a bit different from a town expending taxpayer funds.

Vanik states, “Mayor David Schwan was elected fair and square. He did not receive the fewest votes as is often reported, he came in second in the General Election.”

While we’re not sure where Vanik found that information “often reported,” Schwan did indeed come in 10th in a field of 10 in the Primary Election and, had Mayor Wayne Fulcher, Vice Mayor Lloyd Meyer and Councilman Greg Gardner, or any one of them, not withdrawn from the race before the General Election, which left four candidates on the ballot vying for four council seats, Schwan would not have been in the runoff election.

De Szendeffy explained exactly why he supports the recall and stated, “About 73 percent of Carefree voters approved the Councilman Bob Coady-led direct election of mayor initiative.”
Schwan also supported four-year council terms against the will of the voters.

He said the votes for council members proved who the voters wanted for their mayor as well as the last person they wanted as their mayor.

“David Schwan voted against the people’s choice and voted for himself. He defied the will of the voters and set the stage for his future documented attempts to violate the rights of citizens,” said de Szendeffy. “And that is why I support Carefree citizens’ right to recall David Schwan.”