WASHINGTON – On Jan. 27, Dr. Orly Taitz filed a quo warranto petition for a writ of mandamus in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Barack Hussein Obama, due to his “refusal to present in any court of law or to the public any legally acceptable vital records that would prove his eligibility” to serve as president of the United States.

Taitz, filing pro se (on her own behalf) this time, says Article 2, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be born in the United States to two citizen parents without allegiance to any other sovereignty, citing Vol. 1, Chapter 19 § 212 of Emer De Vattel’s “Law of Nations.”

Introducing herself to the court as president of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, a doctor of jurisprudence and doctor of dental surgery, Taitz goes on to say, “From birth and until now, Mr. Obama had citizenship and allegiance to three other nations: Great Britain, Kenya and Indonesia.”

Nine months ago, Taitz submitted requests to Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jeffrey Taylor to file quo warranto to “ascertain Obama’s legitimacy for presidency,” and, as an attorney representing clients, she brought a number of legal actions seeking a judicial resolution to the issue.

Holder was nonresponsive to her request, as was Taylor, who resigned almost immediately after receiving her request.

She subsequently submitted a request for quo warranto to Taylor’s successor Channing Phillips, also to no avail.

Despite over 100 legal actions filed across the country by more than a dozen licensed attorneys, numerous pro se plaintiffs, and 12 citizen grand jury presentments and indictments, Taitz said Obama has refused to provide any vital records that would be acceptable in any court of law.

According to Taitz, letters, e-mails and faxes to the department of justice all went unanswered, while DOJ employees were “slamming phones in the face of citizens who were calling and urging a response, even when those calls came from high ranking officers of the U.S. military.”

Taitz said, “This game of hide and seek by Attorney General Holder and U.S. attorneys was infantile at best and treasonous at worst, as national security is on the line.”

Meanwhile, Taitz says she has been “subjected to vicious attacks coming from the media acting as regime official propaganda, from Obama’s supporters and from some judiciary, acting as tools to silence her into dropping her legal actions.”

Taitz claims she has received death threats and has had her vehicle tampered with, endangering not only herself but her three children as well.

After bringing two legal actions in the Middle District of Georgia on behalf of members of the U.S. military, Taitz said she was sanctioned $20,000, “as a form of intimidation and retaliation.”

Accordingly, Taitz is seeking not only verification of Obama’s legitimacy under quo warranto, but financial compensation for damages and severe emotional distress.

Included in her questions to the court, Taitz asks, “To uphold its supremacy and inviolability, and to preserve the Republic, does the Constitution grant standing to citizens to bring suit or quo warranto over negligence, obstruction, misprision, or breach of constitutional duties, and protect the people's rights?”

Taitz states in his book “Dreams from my Father,” as well as on his web site fightthesmears.com, Obama admitted to the fact that his father was never a U.S. citizen, but rather a British citizen from a British colony of Kenya and, based on the British Nationality Act, Obama was a British citizen at birth and a Kenyan citizen from age 2 on Dec. 12, 1961 when Kenya became an independent nation.

She said, “As such, for the reason of his allegiance to foreign nations from birth respondent Obama never qualified as a Natural Born citizen.”

Taitz also notes that “Obama refused to unseal a birthing file (labor and delivery file) evidencing his birth from the Kapiolani Hospital where he recently decided that he was born.”

Affidavits, submitted as exhibits, by two licensed private investigators show, according to national databases, Obama has used as many as 39 different social security numbers, none of which were issued in Hawaii.

Taitz wrote, “Most egregious is the fact that the respondent has used for most of his life in Somerville, Mass., Chicago, Ill. and currently in the White House, SSN XXX-XX-4425, which was issued in the state of Connecticut between 1976 – 1979 and assigned to an individual born in 1890, who would have been 120 years old if he would be alive today. Respondent never resided in the state of Connecticut and he is clearly not 120 years old.”

She also requested the U.S. Attorney’s Office be barred from representing Obama “due to obvious inherent conflict of interest.”

In her prayer for relief, Taitz asks the court to grant her the ex-relator status in the name of the United States of America and issue a writ of quo warranto against Obama to ascertain if he was eligible to take the position of president of the United States and commander in chief of the U.S. military, and order an evidentiary hearing as to whether a fraud upon the court was committed, and whether criminal charges should be brought against Obama for fraud, identity theft and social security fraud.

Taitz is seeking a writ of mandamus (mandate) directing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to provide a copy of the original birth certificate used by Obama in his application for his U.S. passports to verify his eligibility.

She also requested the court grant a writ of mandamus for Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue to release an explanation as to how Obama is able to use social security identification number 042-68-4425, issued in the state of Connecticut to an individual born in 1890, when Obama “is clearly not 120 years old, was not born in 1890 and never resided in the state of Connecticut.”

And last, Taitz is requesting financial relief associated with her time and costs pursuing the issue of Obama’s illegitimacy as president and the fraud perpetrated by his use of multiple social security numbers of deceased individuals and numbers never assigned, as well as for financial relieve for the severe emotional distress, which she claims has been inflicted upon her and orchestrated by the administration in an attempt to stop her from bringing forward legitimate issues regarding Obama’s legitimacy.