Exposing Schwan’s actions called ‘political nonsense’

By Linda Bentley | February 3, 2010

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david schwan Mayor David Schwan told Vice Mayor Glenn Miller to take over the meeting as he left the dais to take to the podium “as a citizen,” which he said he was advised not to do, and accused Sonoran News along with councilmen Doug Stavoe and Peter Koteas of making inaccurate statements.
Photo by Linda Bentley

CAREFREE – Tuesday’s council meeting convened with a parade to the podium for Call to the Public, beginning with Shirley Arnold reading a letter from her husband Raymond, whom she said couldn’t attend because he was in the hospital.

She continuously referred to those who disagree with Mayor David Schwan’s policies as the “Sonoran News staff slate” and bashed the newspaper repeatedly, on behalf of her husband.
Arthur Gimson, who said he was a volunteer driver for the FCC thanked the mayor for his $1,800 contribution.

Greg Gardner picked on Stavoe’s guest editorial in last week’s Sonoran News and asked Stavoe why he continues to give out half truths. Gardner said the town had enough reserves to cover a deficit for 25 years.

Attorney Tom Rawles urged Schwan to “address the issue you so wisely chose to ignore for obvious reasons,” and said both the LTAF II funds and the town’s contribution were in violation of the law.

Gary Hayworth said the divisive nature of council saddened him and asked councilmen Doug Stavoe and Peter Koteas to apologize.

Schwan then told Vice Mayor Glen Miller to conduct the meeting as he left the dais to take to the podium “as a citizen,” which he said he was advised not to do.

He then chastised Sonoran News, Koteas and Stovoe for making what he claimed were incorrect statements.

During Current Events, Councilman Bob Coady said it distressed him when he called town hall the other day to get a CD of a council meeting and was told he had to fill out an information request slip and pay $7.50.

Coady said, “I want to know who is responsible for this decision.”

Schwan replied, “I discussed this with the town clerk and town administrator and decided you should be treated like any other citizen,” citing hard economic times.

The next agenda item entailed a lengthy discussion about the legality of Schwan making unilateral decisions to spend money that was not budgeted without obtaining council approval.

Miller called the issue, “strictly political nonsense.”

Councilman Bob Gemmill said, “I think this was a political gotcha gone wrong by councilmen Stavoe and Koteas. They then resorted to state statutes. I’m personally ashamed of this council.”

He said, “I think Sonoran News should write a retraction.”

After lengthy discussion, Gemmill made a motion to remove the item from the agenda.
Miller seconded the motion.

Stavoe questioned the legitimacy of doing so.

Town Attorney Tom Chenal shrugged, while Schwan stated there was a precedent set by Coady three years ago.

So, council voted 5-2 to remove the agenda item they had just discussed at great length, with Coady and Stavoe dissenting.

Town Clerk Betsy Wise asked, “If the item is removed, does the discussion go in the minutes?”

Schwan said the discussion should remain but to note the item was removed.