PHOENIX – Arizona Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Gray, has introduced SB1153, reference titled, "State Preemption: Knives," which will protect knife owners, knife collectors and those in the knife industry from a confusing patchwork of local knife ordinances and rules in Arizona. The bill was requested by Knife Rights, an Arizona based, national advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the rights of knife owners.

"Currently a person traveling from Nogales to Flagstaff, Arizona, will be subject to numerous different knife ordinances and rules along the way, never knowing if they are in compliance with local laws, and quite possibly unintentionally breaking the law", said Doug Ritter, Chairman and Executive Director of Knife Rights. "This is a confusing and unfair situation which can subject citizens to abuse of their civil rights and it needs to be remedied", Ritter added.

SB1153, is a "knife preemption law" that would keep all existing state laws regarding knives in place, but would make the State Legislature the sole authority on knife laws. This will insure consistency and fairness with regards to knife laws throughout the state.

"SB1153 will not change any of Arizona's deadly weapons laws, which are quite comprehensive and sufficient to prosecute any crime committed with a knife in the state," said Todd Rathner, Knife Rights' lobbyist in Arizona. "The cities, towns, and counties will still be able to prosecute criminals under existing state laws. This new knife preemption law will have no effect on their ability to fight crime," said Rathner.

Over a decade ago Arizona, along with 45 other states, passed a similar firearms preemption law which made the state legislature the sole authority on firearms law in Arizona. This preemption law has proven to be a great success and has created an environment of consistency for Arizona's gun owners and law enforcement personnel. The proposed new knife preemption law will accomplish the same for knife owners. Preemption laws protect citizens' rights enshrined in Arizona's constitution.

SB1153 has 8 Prime Sponsors and 13 Co-Sponsors.

SB1153 is being supported by Arizona’s NRA affiliate, the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, Arizona Citizens Defense League and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

SB1153 represents the groundbreaking initiation of a key component of Knife Rights’ national legislative agenda to protect knife owners’ rights. Knife Rights anticipates that the Arizona knife preemption law will serve as a model for preemption efforts in other states whose citizens are subject to a similar patchwork of local knife laws with attendant civil rights issues. "Knife Rights is proud to sponsor this first legislation of its kind in the U.S.," said Ritter.

Knife Rights ( is America’s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization™, a national advocacy organization dedicated to providing knife and edged tool owners an effective voice to influence public policy and to oppose efforts to restrict the right to own, use and carry knives and edged tools. Knife Rights encourages safe, responsible and lawful use of knives and edged tools.