Judith Durr receives national and state honors

December 2, 2009

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judith durr pueblo
Pueblo Grande Museum poster art by Judith Durr.
CAVE CREEK – Judith Durr created the poster for the Pueblo Grande Museum 2010. She will be a participant in the annual Native American Show – 2009, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 12 – 13 at South Mountain Park. One hundred twenty of the finest artisans in the United States will be in attendance.

The Environmental Protection Agency chose Judith's painting, Whispers of the Past, for their 2009 Native American Heritage poster.

The Environmental Protection Agency has chosen Judith to create the poster for their publication of the "OPPTS Tribal News" Spring 2010 edition entitled, "Training and Innovation."

Although the body of Judy’s work includes Western life, landscapes and historical research, she is best known for her exquisite still life paintings. These works reflect her Choctaw heritage, including her most noted native beaded moccasins and trademark background rugs.

judith durr whisper
“Whispers of the Past” by Judith Durr.
If you can’t attend the Native American show at South Mountain this weekend, you can view Judith’s work and fine leather art by her husband Roger Kull in their Mountain Studio in Cave Creek.

For more about Judith Durr, her work,
and upcoming shows visit her website at www.judydurr.50megs.com or call Mountain Studio at 480-595-2443.