Russell H. Tobe

Russell H. Tobe, born July 7, 1944, a native of Pittsburgh, Penn., died July 24, 2009. Russell graduated from Shady Side Academy and earned a Baccalaureate Degree from Franklin & Marshall College. He graduated from Duquesne University of Law earning a JD Degree, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh earning a BSEE Degree, and graduated from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery with a DO Degree.

Dr. Russell H. Tobe was an unusually well-educated man spanning three different professions as a lawyer, an engineer, and a physician. He became a board certified radiologist and practiced radiology in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona.

Prior to his death, he resided in Cave Creek. Dr. Russell H. Tobe came from a unique family background. His paternal grandfather, Louis Tobe, immigrated to live and marry in Pittsburgh, Penn. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tobe established a remarkable pattern of accomplishment.

Russell's aunt, Sylvia Tobe, although an accomplished professional musician, became one of the first women chiropodists, now called podiatrists, in the United States.

Russell's father, David B. Tobe, became a highly regarded attorney in Pittsburgh, Penn. and was very active in the Disabled American Veterans. Although an attorney, in his early years he ran a coal company and a newspaper in Pittsburgh.

Russell's uncle, Robert Tobe, became an engineer, then a physician specializing in hematology/oncology.

Russell's aunt, Marion Tobe-Zinkham, taught for many years as a Master Teacher.

Dr. Russell H. Tobe is survived by his brother, Edward H. Tobe, a Board Certified adult and child psychiatrist and classical psychoanalyst, his sons, Dr. Brian Tobe, an emergency room physician, and Dr. Russell Tobe, a fellow in child psychiatry. In the Tobe family tradition Dr. Russell H. Tobe inspired all around him to live their lives to their fullest potential through accomplish-ment and service.

Private memorial services are being held by the family.